Do You Sweat In Winters? Here’s How To Get Rid Of That Winter Odour

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Do you sweat in winters? Here’s How to get rid of that Winter Odour

Sweat and body odour often puts you in embarrassing and weird situations. If you thought you could only sweat and smell in summers, we’ve got news for you. Winter odour is a thing and is equally uneasy and awkward. Plus, it affects both men and women. Read on to know how winter odour forms and what you can do to get rid of it.


Why You Smell Different In Winters


Sweat is in fact odourless, but the bacteria build-up leads to bad smell. As you are dressed up in layers of warm clothes, drinking hot cups of tea in front of a bonfire or heater, your body tends to warm up and perspire. Sweat molecules can form in underarms, neck (in case you’re a scarf girl), under bust area and inner thighs which can cause odour, besides other skin problems like itching and irritation. Also, in winters we find ourselves drawing toward foods like fried snacks, sugar, caffeine and alcohol which contain sulphur, which is a catalyst for sweat. All of this leads to sweating, dampness and thus, winter odour.




You don’t want winter odour to be a concern when you go on a date or just cosy up with bae on a cold, winter night. Although you can’t avoid sweating (you gotta keep warm, obviously!), you can take some steps to get rid of the bad odour it brings with it. Keep yourself hydrated and munch on foods that are high in calcium and water content like oats, almonds, banana, and dairy. Cut back on spicy foods and caffeine. Keep yourself squeaky clean and wear fresh clothes. Don’t forget to thoroughly dry the areas you sweat in after a bath. We suggest Rexona Powder Dry Underarm Odour Protection Roll On in the morning after taking your shower. It will keep you dry and fresh all day. 

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