How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under The Eyes

Written by Team BBSep 28, 2018
If you take a closer look at yourself in the mirror you are most likely to spot at least one of the signs of ageing. The most common ones happen to be wrinkles around the eyes. Of course, these are caused by a combination of lifestyle choices as well as a weak skincare routine, both of which you need to make amends to in case you want to slow down the signs of ageing. Here’s how to get started…
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Step 1:

Treat the first area that shows signs of ageing with the Pond’s Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream. The perfect refresher for tired eyes, it also reduces puffiness and dark circles. Enriched with real gold micro particles, vitamin B3 and CLA, it soothes and smoothens the area around your eyes to leave it looking much brighter and minus all that fatigue.

Step 2:

A number of oils when used on the under-eye area can help reduce wrinkles under the eyes. Usually, wrinkles appear because the area under the eye is under moisturised. To help improve this, olive oil, castor oil or even coconut oil can all be applied to the area and left overnight. Doing this about four or five times a week can help reduce puffiness and lines.

Step 3:

We all know the benefits of ice cube therapy for the face. Turns out, it can work wonders on the under-eye area too. Just rub a few cubes of ice on the wrinkle-laden area for a few minutes. This not only helps reduce puffiness and existing wrinkles but also delays the onset of new ones when practiced on a regular basis.

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