How To Prevent Ageing

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 19, 2019
How to prevent ageing
Ask a woman what she fears the most and she'd probably tell you it is signs of ageing. While we often spend a fortune on slowing down our skin clock, we miss out on the very crucial lifestyle changes and routines that save us from premature ageing. If like us, you hate or fear the sighting of wrinkled skin, here are some anti-ageing skin care tips and tricks that could benefit you... What are the causes of ageing?

Oil glands produce less oil

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On an average, one starts ageing by age 25. The oil glands start producing lesser oil causing the skin to look dull and dry.


Weakening of collagen

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You also start seeing fine lines and maybe a few wrinkles because of the collagen getting weaker and lesser as age goes by.


Sun damage

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This is also when you start seeing dull and patchy skin because of repeated sun exposure over the years.

How you can fight ageing...

Pay attention to ingredients

When you go looking for a product, look for shea butter or humectants like glycerin in it, which add to the hydration of the skin. Also look for Retin As, peptides, which are really important to repair and stimulate your collagen. Choose a product with a good SPF as well so you’re well-protected against the sun. Using good products regularly and over a long period of time restores your youthful glow and keeps the ageing changes like wrinkles and lines at bay.


Embrace the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm And Lift range

Embrace the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm And Lift range

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