A sun-kissed tan can look quite sexy but for those of us who have sensitive skin the sun could cause some amount of damage. A tan, at times, could seep so deep into your skin that it might be a while before you get your old complexion back. If you’ve faced this issue before and still don’t know how to get rid of a tan, this guide should help...
Swear by sunscreen

Swear by sunscreen

Since you’re already dealing with tanned skin, ensure that the sun isn’t causing it further damage. In times like these, we choose to rely on the Lakmé 9to5 Super Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ which comes in two variants, Hydrating and Mattifying to suit dry or oily skin types. You too should make this a part of your everyday routine!

Protect yourself when you step out

The sun’s rays are the harshest between 10 am and 4pm so carry a cover such as a hat or a scarf (and sunglasses to prevent crow’s feet) when you step out. The UVA rays activate the melanin pigment present in your skin and could worsen the tanning.

Don’t underestimate the power of a workout

You might wonder how regular workouts can help lighten your tan but the truth is that exercise stimulates blood circulation that helps build new skin cells which in turn promote healthy skin and a glowing complexion. Keep at it for a while and it could help you get your complexion back sooner.

Scrub away the tan

No matter what you do, harsh sun rays can sneak their way into your skin making it tanned. What you need is to exfoliate your skin to remove that daily tan off. Get your hands on Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal ScrubIt helps remove sun tan and makes skin brighter as it contains tan solve beads and 50% brightening cream that work magic. Scrubbing your skin with an anti-tan scrub like this one will keep the tan away.