Sunburns can happen throughout the year since they’re caused when your skin is exposed to UV rays. This is when your skin increases its production of melanin leading to a tan or sunburn. But this hardly means you can’t treat it. Here are some simple answers to how to get rid of sunburn...

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Take a cool shower Cold water will cool your skin and reduce the burns to an extent. But post the shower, make sure you air-dry your body as a towel may cause chafing and aggravate the burns.

Soothe your skin with Aloe

When you’re suffering from sunburn, it’s imperative to use a lotion that soothes your skin without causing any irritation. Our pick is the Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion. This one has the goodness of pure aloe and stratys 3 multi-layer moisture, both of which leave your skin feeling light and fresh, especially in the hot summer.

Secure your skin

While it is a preventive measure, the best way to prevent sunburn is by taking precaution . You can do so by applying the Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness +UV Lotion generously over the exposed areas of your skin. Along with Cucumber and Lemon Grass Extracts, this lightweight formula is the broad spectrum UV protection that your skin deserves. Trust it to shield your skin from discolouration, tanning and sunburn all season long!