How To Use Almond Oil On Your Face

Written by Team BBSep 20, 2018
Almonds have a legendary reputation be it in the kitchen or when it comes to beauty. Did you know that even before we began using it in body butters and creams, it had acquired cult beauty status in ancient Greece? Almond oil is a very potent ingredient—it is rich in Vitamin A, E and D, is non-comedogenic as well as rich in oleic and linoleic acids making it a go-to for people with both oily as well as sensitive skin types. That’s probably the reason why almond oil is not just used in beauty routines but also as a remedy for some skin disorders. Wondering how to use almond oil for your face? Here are a few suggestions…

use almond oil for your face

  • Apart from being rich in fatty acids that can nourish the skin, did you know that almond oil is rich in squalene—a compound found in our skin, the lack of which causes the skin to begin aging? If you’re in your mid-twenties, make almond oil a part of your skincare routine.
  • Another reason almond oil is used for anti-ageing purposes is the presence of phytosterols which are plant based cholesterols that can delay the loss of collagen. And loss of collagen = Supple, healthier skin for longer.
  • Almond oil loaded with Vitamins A, B and especially E as well as a host of fatty acids that can instantly give your skin a natural boost. If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, be it in the winter or otherwise, make a facial massage with almond oil a regular ritual.
  • Unlike other oils that tend to clog pores and hence cause oiliness, almond oil is non- non-comedogenic in nature, which means that while it might provide for the maximum moisturisation, it is still lighter in texture as well as non-greasy. Given how fast it gets absorbed into the skin, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

use almond oil for your face

  • For those of us who spend many hours at the computer or suffer from a lack of sleep, a gentle massage with almond oil using your ring finger on the puffy part of your eyes and dark circles can assist in giving the area a boost of moisture and hydration. Make this a pre-bedtime ritual and watch the anti-ageing properties of almond oil work their magic.
  • Instead of relying on chemical laden makeup removers that can tend to be harsh on your skin, switch to almond oil. Leave it on your face for about five minutes, then run a makeup removing sponge over your face gently. You’ll notice that all the residue comes off in a single go and you don’t even have to keep working to get rid of the eyeliner and mascara in the regular problem areas such as your eyes.
    Plus, if it’s any consolation, almond oil is also said to the assist in the growth of long lashes!
  • Since it is relatively gently in nature, you can also use almond oil in an exfoliator. Mix together 3 parts of ground sugar with one part of almond oil and use it on your face as an exfoliator. It will get rid of the dead skin cells and at the same time moisturise your skin. It’s perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin and afraid of abrasive exfoliators.

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