In recent years, the Korean beauty skincare routine has taken the world by storm, with its promise of achieving flawless, radiant skin. In this article, we will delve into the core principles of K-beauty skincare and explore how to customize it to cater to the unique needs of Indian skin, which faces its own set of challenges. 

What is the Korean beauty routine? 

The Korean beauty routine is a comprehensive and multi-step approach to skincare that focuses on achieving a range of skin goals, including attaining that coveted 'glass skin' look. K-beauty is not merely about cleansing and moisturizing; it's a holistic strategy aimed at intense hydration, clear skin, a brighter complexion, protection from fine dust and harmful UV rays, and the repair of the skin barrier.


10 Step K-beauty Routine 

Central to the K-beauty skincare ritual are the famous 10 steps that form its core: 

  1. Oil-based cleanser: The initial step involves using an oil-based cleanser to target the removal of SPF, makeup and excess oil. 

  1. Water-based cleanser: This is followed by a water-based cleanser, which effectively clears sweat and dirt from your skin. 

  1. Exfoliation: The exfoliation step is crucial for clearing away dead skin cells and eliminating build-up. But it is to be done only once or twice a week. 

  1. Toner: A toner helps restore your skin's pH balance and moisture barrier, preparing it for subsequent products. 

  1. Essence: Essence products incorporate fermented ingredients and are designed to hydrate and protect your skin. It is a more watery and less concentrated version of serums. 

  1. Treatment: For specific skin concerns, treatment steps come into play, often involving highly concentrated ingredients in the form of serums or ampoules. 

  1. Sheet mask: Sheet masks are saturated with serums and provide intense nourishment to your skin. But sheet masks don’t work on their own. They are only efficient when used as part of a skincare routine. 

  1. Eye cream: Targeted for the delicate skin around the eyes, these creams help with issues like darkness, puffiness and fine lines. 

  1. Moisturizer: A moisturizer is used to lock in all the previous products and maintain skin hydration. 

  1. SPF or night oil: Depending on whether it's day or night, the routine concludes with either sunscreen for sun protection or a nourishing night oil

How To Customise The Korean Routine 

Indian skin faces its own set of challenges, which differ significantly from those encountered in South Korea. Common issues include patchy skin, acne, oily skin and skin irritation. To cater to these concerns and the Indian climate, consider customizing the standard K-beauty routine.


1. Double Cleansing for a Fresh Start 

Embrace the double cleansing method for a thorough and refreshing cleanse. Lakmē Micellar Pure Micellar Water is your go-to solution, effortlessly whisking away dirt, makeup and excess oil with its micellar technology, eliminating the need for harsh rubbing or rinsing. Packed with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, it leaves your skin spotless and deeply hydrated, making it a perfect choice even for the most sensitive skin types. 

Follow this with the Lakmē Micellar Pure Micellar Facewash, which uses the same micellar technology to eliminate any left-behind impurities, grime and sweat. This face wash goes beyond the surface, providing a deep pore cleanse, preventing breakouts, and maintaining a balanced and well-hydrated complexion. It's your ideal foundation for a fresh and clean canvas, a must-addition to your daily skincare regimen. 


2. Serum: Your Skin's Best Friend 

Meet your skin's best friend, the Simple Vitamin C+E+F Booster Face Serum. Packed with skin-loving ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, this serum is a powerhouse of vitamins C, E, and F, offering immediate radiance without irritation. It's your ticket to youthful, glowing skin as it strengthens your skin barrier, provides deep moisturization, and brightens dull complexions, all while reducing dark spots. This non-greasy, non-sticky formula penetrates deep into your skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic, it's a game-changer for your skincare routine. 


3. Sheet Mask: A Relaxing Indulgence 

Take a moment to relax and pamper your skin with the Simple Kind To Skin De-Stress Sheet Mask. Free from harsh chemicals and made from super-soft fabric, it instantly smoothens and softens stressed skin. Enriched with aloe vera extracts, antioxidants like vitamin E, and pro-vitamin B5, this mask provides long-lasting deep hydration, catering to all skin types. Clinically approved, it's as simple as leaving it on for 15 minutes and gently massaging to absorb excess product, with no need to rinse. It's a rejuvenating treat for your skin that you can turn to once a week. 


4. Lightweight Moisturizer: Feather-Light Hydration 

For feather-light hydration that lasts, turn to Pond’s Super Light Gel. This moisturizer offers 24 hours of moisturization, suitable for all seasons whether it is the humid Goa summers or cold and dry Manali winters. Packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and glycerine, it absorbs quickly, restoring moisture balance and leaving your skin soft and smooth. The lightweight formula ensures there's no sticky feeling, thanks to the 24-hour moisture lock technology that keeps your skin hydrated. It's easy to apply and works like a charm for all skin types, especially those with oily skin. 


5. Sunscreen: Your Shield Against Urban Society 

Protect your skin with Pond's Serum Boost Sunscreen SPF 55, your ultimate shield against sun damage. This product is not only an effective sunblock but also a tool for fading dark patches. With SPF, niacinamide, and clinical backing, it brightens, moisturizes, and blocks 97% of harmful sun rays while preventing tanning and even skin. It's a multitasker, guarding your skin against blue light and pollution. Plus, it's non-oily, non-sticky, and ultra-light, leaving no white cast and absorbing quickly – your daily armour for radiant and safeguarded skin. 

FAQs about K-beauty 

Q1. How to get glass skin? 

In K-beauty, glass skin refers to a highly coveted, radiant complexion that is so smooth, clear and dewy that it resembles the luminous transparency of glass. Achieving glass skin requires a diligent skincare routine that includes thorough cleansing, hydration and specific treatments to attain that translucent glow. 

Q2. Is a face oil at night good for skin? 

Using a face oil at night can be beneficial for locking in moisture and nourishing the skin, as long as you choose the right oil for your skin type. Remember essential oils are not meant to be used alone but to be diluted with carrier oils like coconut oil. 

Q3. How to use ampoules for face? 

Ampoules are highly concentrated serums that target specific skin concerns. Apply a small amount after your essence/face serum step, focusing on the areas that require treatment. 

The K-beauty skincare routine offers a comprehensive approach to achieving flawless skin, and with some customization to suit the needs of Indian skin, you can unlock the secrets to radiant and healthy skin in any climate.