5 Things Kareena Kapoor Khan Swears By For Glowing Skin

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 things Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by for glowing skin

Call it genes or self-care, Kareena has got the most amazing skin in the business. Spotless complexion and that natural glow, seems like she knows a thing or two about keeping her skin looking on-point at all times.

Don’t dent it; you can’t help but wonder about her beauty secrets every time you look at her. So what does she do to maintain her beautiful skin? What skincare routine does she follow and what does she eat? We’ve got you all the answers to these questions straight from the horse’s mouth.

Take a look at five things Kareena Kapoor Khan does for healthy, glowing skin. Follow her best-kept skincare secrets to get gorgeous, glowy skin just like her. 


1. Skin sans makeup

5.	Massage skin with honey

Kareena’s number one beauty mantra is wearing as little makeup as possible. She told Grazia magazine that she loves to look glamourous and wear pretty eye makeup, but also skips it whenever she can. She said, “I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis or for movies that don’t require me to.” Wearing less or no makeup allows your skin to breathe; no wonder Kareena has that perpetual glow!


2. Drink gallons of water

5.	Massage skin with honey

Water is a miracle drug for hydrated skin, according to the gorgeous actress. We all know that water clears out toxins from your body and detoxifies your skin as well. Kareena makes sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep her skin healthy and hydrated. Plus, when she’s on the go, Kareena trusts spring water to keep travel woes at bay. She told Femina magazine, “There is nothing that comes even close to drinking four to six bottles of natural spring water. I call it a miracle drug, and it helps me keep my hair and skin hydrated, even when I’m tired from all my travels.”


3. Keep skin moisturised

5.	Massage skin with honey

If there’s one beauty product she can never be found without (other than her kohl pencil), it is a moisturiser. Bebo washes her face twice a day and never skips on a moisturiser. Also, she uses natural moisturisers like almond oil to get the starry glow.

She says, “I apply almond oil to my skin and hair every day. My mum and grandmother have also used it for decades now. Sometimes I also wear a face mask made of curd and almond oil, which has again been handed down to me by the women in my family.”


4. Eat right and work out

5.	Massage skin with honey

Not just a proper skincare routine, Kareena believes that working out regularly and eating right can help your skin improve drastically and give it a natural glow. She does yoga, Pilates and Surya Namaskar regularly. She also trusts ghee for glowing skin and follows a nutritious diet with green leafy vegetables, fruit and curd. She stays away from aerated drinks, but enjoys her wine, in moderation of course.


5. Massage skin with honey

5.	Massage skin with honey

Kareena isn’t a fan of chemical treatments and facials. Instead she follows a more traditional approach to skincare. She credits honey as her go-to skincare hero for achieving gorgeous skin. She massages raw honey on her skin every day for a few minutes for smooth and soft skin. Also, honey has antibacterial and moisturising properties and is full of antioxidants, which keep her looking flawless always.

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