The summers are a dreadful time for the skin. From acne issues to tanning, the skin is a major victim. But the good news is that we have the perfect solution to summer skin problems by way of 5 face washes that’ll do wonders to the skin. Read on to know all about them.

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What: Lakmé Clear Pores Clean Up Face Wash
Skin type: Oily skin
Why you should use it: Oily skin suffers the most during the monsoons; excessive dirt and grime settle onto the face and block the pores leading to dreadful acne. Save yourself from this ordeal by choosing the Lakmé Clear Pores Clean Up Face Wash. Enriched with green tea extracts, it fights impurities and arrest pimples to give you a salon-like clean-up and clean, matte skin.

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What: Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub
Skin type: Tanned and uneven skin
Why you should use it: One of the biggest reasons we avoid the sun is because we fear tanning. If you’ve been embarrassed by your tanned and uneven skin tone for a while, it’s about time you introduced yourself to Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub. With a powerful combination of TanSolve™ beads and a 50 per cent brightening cream that gently scrubs away daily tan while making your skin fairer, it also promotes the shedding of natural skin cells to reveal new, undamaged skin.

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What: DoveBeauty Moisture Facewash
Skin type: Dry skin
Why you should use it: If you’ve been feeling like your skin has become rather dry and may have lost its bounce, opting for the Dove Beauty Moisture Facewash could be a great idea. After all, this face wash effectively cleanses the skin while hydrating the skin from inside. The speciality about this one is that it is enriched with NutriumMoisture™, which is a nourishing beauty serum that replenishes skin from deep within lending a bouncy feel to the skin.

must have face washes ponds 430x550

What: Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash
Skin type: Dull, lifeless skin
Why you should use it: During the summers, our skin often looks lifeless and tired. Think you’ve been feeling this way about your skin? Introduce yourself to the Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash. Loaded with Pro-vitamin B3, it helps get rid of deep rooted dirt and dead skin cells to reveal skin that’s hydrated and nourished. It also increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides that help to boost the protective layer of your skin. In addition this critical vitamin also prevents the transfer of skin pigments ensuring that your dark spots stay in check and your natural fairness is restored.

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What: Dove Go Fresh Face Wash
Skin type: Sticky skin
Why you should use it: For those of us who suffer from super sticky skin syndrome in the summer, or any other season for that matter, the Dove Go Fresh Face Wash should come as a Godsend! It gently removes excess sebum and stickiness whilst retaining the skin’s moisture thanks to NutriumMoisture™ technology. Enriched with citrus orange oil which is known to be a cleansing aid, it is specifically designed to leave you with non-sticky, fresh skin.