Dont you just love the afterglow? The afterglow of a hot sweaty workout that is! Well, we totally love us those hot and heavy workout sessions. Be it in a gym, a jog, swimming or yoga the satisfaction and pride you feel after shedding those extra pounds is amazing. But how does your skin feel?

It is possible that while you are working hard towards achieving a toned body and well self confidence, your skin is paying the price and breaking out? To make sure you have a healthy skin along with a healthy body, follow these skincare tips before, after and during your workouts...


Pre-workout skincare

Pre-workout skincare

Go with a clean face

Working out with makeup is a complete no-no. It blocks your pores and sweat glands which makes it hard for your skin to breathe while you work out. Wipe off all the product residue from last night and cleanse your face with a mild face wash before you hit the gym.


Excessive sweating can dehydrate and thud dry out your skin. So after you have cleansed your face, apply your moisturiser and lip balm, as your lips can feel dry and chapped after a workout.

SPF protection

If you engage in outdoor exercises such as running or yoga or if you walk to your gym, don’t forget to apply a sunscreen before you leave.

Apply an antiperspirant

It’s obvious your body is going to be a sweat city in the gym, you know that already! So, protect your underarms from becoming a home to bacteria and germs by using an antiperspirant roll on.


During the workout

During the workout

Steer clear of touching your face

Touch your face with sweaty and dirty hands and hello breakouts! Keep your hands and face at a safe distance while you work out. The bacteria from the gym machines can transfer to your skin easily and cause breakouts. Carry a sanitizer with your just to be safe.

Wipe off the sweat

Get rid of the dripping sweat from your face as soon as you can to avoid bacteria from settling in your pores. Don’t wipe or rub your face against your clothes as it can lead to rashes and itchiness. Instead, use a soft towel and pat on the skin to get the sweat off.


Post workout

Post workout


The first thing you do post your workout is wash your face. Don’t sit with a sweaty face and let bacteria trap in your skin. Splash cold water and wash your face with face cleanser to get rid of sweat, dirt and oil.

Cool off your skin with a moisturiser

Your skin feels as if it is burning due to release of heat from the body during workout. Take a cold water shower as it closes the pores and cools down the skin. Pat dry and moisturise with a cooling gel and moisturiser.