Tips To Keep In Mind If You're Shaving Your Face For The First Time

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 Tips to keep in mind if you're shaving your face for the first time

For decades, women shaving their face has been frowned upon. Shaving your face came with a lot of backlash and criticism, but thanks to razors being tailored specifically for the face, the eyebrows, even the upper-lips, it's become a common practice. While most of us have peach fuzz (very envious if you don't, BTW!) shaving can help get rid of it easily, and can be done at home. Plus, sources say that it's great for getting glass-skin!

However, since we've never been taught to do it, shaving your face can often lead to razor burns, nicks, and more, especially if you're a novice. So, we've gathered a few tips to keep in mind if you're shaving your face for the first time, to turn you from novice to pro. 'Shave' them for later!


01. Clean your skin beforehand

05. Post-shave care

You're shaving to get a clean canvas on your face, but in order to have a clean canvas? You need to start with a clean canvas! Before shaving your face, cleanse your skin using a face wash, and dry it completely. Make sure there's no oil, dirt, makeup residue, or even skincare residue left on it, since that may hamper the process.

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02. Don't dry-shave

05. Post-shave care

Many women find dry-shaving their face irritating, and we completely agree — dry shaving can lead to more razor burns and nicks than you bargained for, and you don't want that on your face now, do you? There's a simple fix to this, BTW — you can use a conditioner in place of a shaving cream! Since conditioners are catatonic, they coat the hair better, and give you a smoother shave. Make sure you use one that's free of silicones, alcohol, artificial fragrances, and parabens, and you should be good to go!

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03. Use the right tools

05. Post-shave care

Arguments of pink-tax aside, we're going to suggest that you use a straight-edge, single-blade razor that's specifically designed for women shaving their face. Never use a dull razor, since that can cause razor burns and irritation, and make sure you always have a fresh blade handy!


04. Do it the right way

05. Post-shave care

If you've ever shaved your body before, this one's probably stating the obvious, but if you haven't — shave against the direction of the hair for best results! Apply very little pressure, since the skin on the face is much more sensitive than the skin on your body, and use light strokes — you don't want to take off hair on your eyebrows now, do you? Finally, rinse your razor after every stroke otherwise you'll be shaving with a dirty razor, and cleanse it thoroughly after use.


05. Post-shave care

05. Post-shave care

Post-shave care is super important, since it'll determine whether your skin looks inflamed and irritated, or natural, smooth, and glass-like. Wash your face immediately after shaving using the above-recommended cleanser, and once you're done, use an aloe vera gel to soothe your skin. Any nicks or chances you have of skin irritation will be gone, since aloe vera is a soothing ingredient, and you'll be left with hydrated skin. Happy shaving!

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