5 Signs You Are Using The Wrong Moisturiser

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 signs you are using the wrong moisturiser

Skincare routines may vary for everyone, but it always includes a moisturiser, irrespective of your skin type. Even girls with oily skin require a moisturiser to maintain their skin. But when it comes to buying a moisturiser, we don’t put much thought behind it, and reach for the same one we have been using forever. However, our skin changes with the seasons and age, making it necessary to replace that trusted moisturiser every few months to give our skin just what it needs.

How do you determine your favourite moisturiser is no longer working for you? Look for these signs.


Dry or patchy skin

Redness or irritation

Moisturisers have one job – prevent your skin from getting dry, and if your moisturiser isn't doing that, then it’s time you replace it. Look for moisturisers that contain ceramides and hyaluronic acid, as both these ingredients attract and retain water and keep your skin moisturised for a long time. If you have naturally oily skin, adding an oil based serum in your skincare routine will help.


Excessive oil

Redness or irritation

If your skin feels oily and greasy after application, then that’s another problem your moisturiser shouldn’t be creating. Are you using the same moisturiser you used in winters throughout the year? Well, that’s the reason your skin gets greasy. Look for a gel based moisturiser that your skin can easily absorb without blocking your pores and producing excessive oil during the hotter months.



Redness or irritation

Your moisturiser is causing breakouts? Yikes! Get rid of it ASAP! Your skin might be reacting to one of the ingredients in the moisturiser and continuing with it will only make matters worse. Breakouts is your skin’s way of telling you that a certain product is not working, listen to it.


Uneven texture

Redness or irritation

Are you noticing little white bumps on your face? Does your skin feel uneven or rough to touch? If the answer is yes, then change your daily moisturiser immediately. Also, do not treat these bumps on your own. Consult a dermatologist who can determine the cause and suggest a suitable moisturiser.


Redness or irritation

Redness or irritation

Any skincare product that stings when you apply it or causes redness and irritation should be stopped immediately. No questions asked. Burning and stinging sensations are a clear sign that the product isn’t compatible with the pH of your skin. While buying a new moisturiser, it is always wise to get a sample first (or travel size) and try it for a couple of days before buying the full-size product.

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