Let’s admit it—showers are probably the only peaceful time we get to run over to-do lists in our head every morning. But Lux’s new perfumed soap collection is here to change all of that. Launched in three divine fragrances, these richly perfumed soaps can transform your daily cleansing ritual into an indulgent, fragrant experience.

What is it?

Lux’s New Perfumed Soap Collection that comprises three fragrant soaps—Egyptian Rose, Moroccan Iris and French Magnolia.

Why we love it…

Why we love it…

This sweet smelling collection get its long-lasting scent, thanks to the potent blend of premium perfume oils that are laden with notes of the 3 exotic flowers; Egyptian Rose, Moroccan Iris and French Magnolia, a refreshing change given the fact that the Indian market is flooded with jasmine and sandalwood.

Unlike other perfumed products that include surface level essences, the New Lux Perfumed Soap Collection was crafted with fresh floral extracts keeping in mind every woman’s need for an exquisite and indulgent bathing experience. The result? An elevated ritual in the comfort of your own home, one that’ll leave your skin beautifully perfumed for hours.

Currently, the collection is available in 3 fragrances…

musk vanilla with egyptian rose

Hypnotic Rose, the ultra-feminine, glamorous and seductive fragrance that combines the sweetness of Musk Vanilla with Egyptian Rose.

luxurious charming magnolia

The elegant and luxurious Charming Magnolia, that’s created with notes of Kashmir Wood and sweet French Magnolia.

scent of moroccan iris patchouli oil

The sophisticated Iconic Iris that combines the soft scent of Moroccan Iris and Patchouli oil.

Fun fact—Lux roped in award winning master perfumer Loc Dong (who has made perfumes for CK, Armani, Michael Kors and Elizabeth Arden) to work on this collection. It is his belief that there’s a direct relationship between a woman’s beauty and her choice of perfume; something that drove him to create perfumes that leave their mark.

How much does it cost?

The new range of Lux soaps is available at all supermarkets and online for ₹ 32

(Team BB was in France for the Lux Fragrance Experience where they got to try the new Lux range first-hand.)