Here’s exactly how you should be using a body scrub

Written by Anjali AgarwalFeb 14, 2020

Every once or twice a week, you should indulge in an R&R session with a relaxing bath comprising of bath bombs, salts and oh yes, body scrubs! These grainy scrubs smell heavenly and are the secret to getting glowing, hydrated and bright skin. Do you really need any other reason to include them in your weekly beauty routine?

However, the key to getting buffed and polished skin lies in proper exfoliation technique and the right after-care. Any misstep can leave your skin over-exfoliated, dry, flaky or worse, irritated. Here is exactly how you should use a body scrub to get beautiful, renewed and hydrated skin.

Step 01: Take a warm shower

You should exfoliate your body right after a steamy shower. The steam from the shower open up the pores and hence result in better exfoliation. If you are planning to shave, leave it for the end, after you exfoliate, to avoid skin irritation.

Step 02: Scrub a small amount of product gently

Apply a dollop of body scrub on damp skin and massage it onto the body (back, neck, arms, legs and chest) gently with your hands. You can use a loofah to scrub your body but remember to be gentle. Massage the scrub on for about five to seven minutes and rinse off.

Step 03: Moisturise with a body lotion

Just like you use a moisturise after exfoliating your face, you need to follow up with a body lotion after using a body scrub to lock in the moisture. The exfoliation can leave your skin dry and the lotion will help moisturise the skin. Apply a good amount of body lotion on damp skin and massage it gently to seal in the moisture.