Best Face Serums To Choose For 2023: Top Six

Written by Anushka ShahMar 07, 2023
Best Face Serums to Choose for 2023: Top Six

It’s no secret that as we age the level of flexibility our skin provides undergoes a slight decline, duh! And while, everyone starts to panic at the sight of fine lines and wrinkles - worry not and just fall back on today’s IT fact - the serums that come to your rescue. Known and popular to evidently improve the appearance of our skin, nutritive acid on your dermis does the most to keep your #foreveryoung glow alive. So, if you’re now noticing the ageing skin scares - make it high time you make serums your bestie. 

Bringing numerous skin benefits to the fore, serums are your fairy godmother in disguise because they’re actually the answer to a variety of skin probs. Other than the reversing of ageing, a great serum can improve skin tone and texture - a one-stop solution if you’ve been on the prowl for the right foundation or concealer. Further, it does away with nasty flakiness by binding your skin’s moisture and also protects your dermis from sun damage - a usual now that we’re all prancing under the sun for those A1 clicks. 

And just when you feel you’ve found the right serum to your cart, also know that the right one may curb acne breakouts and lighten the horrors of weight gain and baby delivery; stretch marks. Doing the most and bringing out your best version, we can go on and on about why serums should be the MVP of your skincare arsenal. And to direct you to the right ones, we’ve curated a list of the best ones in town - for all your different skin concerns! So, hold tight as we take you on an exhilarating skin journey. 

Best Face Serums to Choose for 2023: The Basics  

Starting now, prepare to put all your skin woes to rest! 


1. Lakme Absolute Hydra Pro Face Serum

Serum for 2023

The first name on our radar has to be the most trusted one, Lakme! Bringing the simply best products onto the shelves, we vouch for the Lakme Absolute Pro Face Serum! Each concentrated drop of this precious formula; hyaluronic acid serum melts into your skin to smoothen texture and helps boost your skin's hydration. Its lightweight & fast absorbing formula delivers major hydration and  nourishment making it a skincare essential through every season!

Wonder how? Well, it’s infused with strong ingredients such as, the HA-Penta Complex & Glycerine for superior hydration. And what’s best? You don’t have to wait months to see results, just a couple of weeks and the hydration helping hand will be visible for compliments! So, hop onto all things hyaluronic acid serums with the best-in-class one! 


2. Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Face Serum

Serum for 2023

Another unfailing serum on our radar has to be the Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Face Serum. Enriched with kakadu plums - containing a hundred times more amount of vitamin C than oranges - this serum is another option on the list. Dermatologically tested, this serum improves the texture of your skin, and hydrates and moisturises your face instantly - apart from reducing the visibility of scars caused by acne. Apply this serum generously as the first step of your makeup routine, and watch your skin glow for the entire day; yes, a really 9-5! 


3. POND’s Bright Beauty Vitamin C Serum

Serum for 2023

Vitamin C is a potent active that improves the appearance of acne-related lesions on the face, and enhances the skin’s repair process. This ingredient is particularly suitable for atrophic scars - the sunken areas on the skin. The POND’S Bright Beauty Vitamin C Serum, infused with excellent sources of vitamin C like pomegranate, green papaya, and lemons, this serum brightens, exfoliates, wards off free radicals from the skin.

It keeps you away from the cause of premature ageing, and reinstates that long-lost glow of yours. Making the stellar serum a part of either your daytime ritual or your nighttime regime and manage microneedling procedure like a pro.  

PS: While applying it, ensure you cover all the areas of your face, the sides of your nose, the edges of your face; near your jawline and all the little creases that are easy to miss.


4. Simple Booster Serum - 3% Hyaluronic Acid + B5

Serum for 2023

When talking about the best hyaluronic acid serum after microneedling, we’re all about the Simple Booster Serum - 3% Hyaluronic Acid + B5. Infused with hyaluronic acid that nourishes the surface of your skin, it also contains pro-vitamin B5 to maximise hydration. Both these ingredients are 95% naturally-derived. There’s more! Its pentavitin composition — a naturally-derived plant extract filled with hydrating properties — hydrates your skin for 72 hours. 

All you have to do is apply a few drops of either of these formulas on your skin during your A.M and P.M routine. Serums, typically, come in after cleansing and toning the skin, and before moisturising. You must massage the serum into your face in soft tapping motions with your fingertips or palms, and avoid rubbing your skin too much. Let the formula absorb into your skin on its own.  


5. POND's Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum

Serum for 2023

The best hydrator in town, we’re raving about a brand that never disappoints and one of its master creations - yes, it’s the one and only POND's Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum. Infused with 3 powerful ingredients - Hyaluronic acid, Gluta Boost - C and Vitamin B3, this magical bottle is known to hydrate the skin and minimise the appearance of visible pores. Giving you that amazing airbrushed look over time, this lightweight serum is all you need.

Plus, it quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving any greasy tidbits behind, only to give you that head turning spotless glow. With the help of this world-class hyaluronic acid serum you can make your makeup cart lighter so that using it over time can give you that no-makeup glow; something we’ve all been craving for.


Simple Booster Serum - 10% Hemp seed oil + B3

Serum for 2023

If you have sensitive skin and often get redness, rash, irritation and or acne, we know your plight. Even a couple of minutes outside in the sun and pollution-filled air wreak havoc on your skin and a moisturiser is not enough. Here’s the good news—one of the many benefits of face serums for your oily skin and annoyed dermis is that it helps reduce inflammation and skin irritation. This lubricant product often has anti-inflammatory ingredients such as glycerine, zinc, shea butter, aloe vera and arnica among other things that help soothe and heal the skin of any skin irritation be it rosacea or rash or burning.

When in doubt to give your skin that quick in-house facial, we swear by the Simple Booster Serum - 10% Hemp seed oil + B3 to soothe your skin and protect it against any irritants. Formulated with 10% hemp seed oil + vitamin B3, this serum strengthens the skin barrier, protects against collagen degradation, provides antioxidants and reduces inflammation. Not only that, but it’s also free from over 2000 harsh chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.


FAQs about Best Face Serums to Choose for 2023

Serum for 2023

Answering your questions and solving them, one serum at a time!  

Q1  When can I expect results from my hyaluronic acid serum? 

Considering all products are formulated differently, timelines may vary. However, topical hyaluronic acid products tend to show temporary effects - such as, you may begin to see plumper and evidently more hydrated skin in just a few minutes of application. But if the bigger picture is what you’re waiting for; reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, you have to be patient because these changes require about 2 to 3 months of time.  

Q2 How does a face serum for oily skin benefit the skin type? 

Face serums with its amazing nourishing, conditioning and emollient properties will infuse lost moisture back into your skin and keep it looking healthier, while regulating excess sebum. 

Q3 Will a face serum for oily skin clog my pores? 

Even though some facial serums may be heavy and could clog pores, there are quite a few others (the ones we’ve recommended) that are absolutely non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores at all.  

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