5 Face Tools To Try Out While You’re Still Social Distancing

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
 5 face tools to try out while you’re still social distancing

 Face tools, like rollers and vibrating wands, do more than help your skincare products penetrate better. They are relaxing, can firm and tone your skin and even contour some of your features. The catch is that you need to give time and commitment to using face tools, which might not always be the case while leading a busy lifestyle.

But, the new normal of social distancing and working from home has opened up new pockets of time during the day to squeeze in face massage tools. Also, your quarantine skin might be in desperate need of some targeted TLC to bring back the glow and shine from within.

Here are some of the trendy facial massage tools that you can try for starters...

benefits of facial massage tools

01. Face rollers

There are many different types of face rollers available in the market - stone rollers (read: jade, rose quartz), wooden rollers, studded jaw massager and even spiked metallic rollers. The idea behind a facial roller is to massage your lymph system and drain any toxins or blockages in your face. Stone rollers offer additional cooling benefits and you can credit studded rollers as the go-to jaw clenchers for the stars. Spiked rollers are good for acupressure, but make sure to use them gently to avoid any damage to the dermis.

benefits of facial massage tools

02. Face sculptor

A relaxing and cooling metal tool, face sculptors mimic the actions of a facialist’s knuckles on your skin. It gently kneads your skin for a firm and toned appearance, giving you a facial lift at home. Just firmly roll it over your skin, after applying a serum, to add plumpness and life to tired skin.

benefits of facial massage tools

03. Battery-operated T-bar wand

This battery-operated face tool might seem super fancy-schmancy but in reality, they are very affordable. The vibrating T-bar wand can replicate the action of pricey facial massagers you come across in salons. It helps relax your facial muscles - dissolving tension and toning your cheekbones like never before. It is also a faster way to absorb your face potions, lotions and tinctures...depositing them deep in your skin.

benefits of facial massage tools

04. Cleansing massager

Cleansing massager will improve upon the deep-cleansing action of your face wash. Relaxing pulsation channelled through a silicone mould, a cleansing massager can help remove dirt, oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells better than your palms. It also cleans your pores and exfoliates your skin, without being harsh like external scrubs can be.

benefits of facial massage tools

05. Electrical eye massager

r Adding an eye massager to your skincare routine can make your peepers look bright and awake even on days you haven’t gotten enough sleep. An eye massager will provide just the right kind of pressure to the sensitive eye area, helping better absorption of eye creams and serums. The oval-shaped designs of these massagers help better reach the contours of the area and gentle pulsating actions keep the juices flowing to keep under-eye bags and dark circles at bay.

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