Unexpected Beauty Uses Of Baby Shampoo We Bet You Didn't Know About

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Unexpected beauty uses of baby shampoo we bet you didn't know about

Baby products have long been touted to be amazing for adults as well. Just when you thought that baby powder was the only baby product that makeup junkies could reap benefits of, we’ve discovered another baby product that is equally useful…. baby shampoo. Yep, you read that right!

This gentle hair cleanser maybe a little ‘too gentle’ to get rid of all the dust and grime build-up on your scalp, but even so, this product sure deserves a solid spot on your beauty shelf. Why, you ask? Scroll below to find out…


Can be used as a gentle makeup remover

Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

Baby shampoos usually claim to have a ‘no-tear formula’ because they are made using special numbing chemicals to prevent any sort of eye irritation. And this is what makes baby shampoos the perfect replacement for your makeup remover. Additionally, the thorough yet gentle cleansing formula helps get rid of stubborn makeup without stripping or irritating your skin. So, the next time you run out of your usual makeup remover, we suggest you moisten a cotton pad with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo and use it to remove every last bit of makeup.


Cleans makeup brushes

Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

Just like how baby shampoo helps to thoroughly remove makeup, you can even use it to clean your makeup brushes. The cleansing formula breaks down makeup from the bristles to leave them squeaky clean. Simply add a little baby shampoo to some lukewarm water, swirl them in there and then run them under running water to thoroughly clean them. Repeat the process if needed.


Gets rid of sweat stains

Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

With the onset of summer, we are sure this is one baby shampoo that will come in really handy. Apply a little baby shampoo on your underarms or collar and let it sit for about half an hour before you wash them. Throw these clothes in the washing machine as usual and kiss those stains goodbye.


Acts a face wash

Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

We already know that you can use baby shampoo as a makeup remover, but did you know that it also works really well as a face wash too? The foaming properties of a baby shampoo work really well as a second step in your double cleansing routine. It helps to thoroughly remove residual makeup, dirt, oiliness without stripping your skin.


Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

Makes for an amazing foot cleanser

Do your feet feel really dirty despite having washed them repeatedly? Well, you need to give it a little overnight baby shampoo therapy pronto. Apply a little bit of baby shampoo all over your feet, cover them up with socks and go to bed. Remove the socks next morning, wash off for soft, clean and great-smelling feet.

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