Ladies, who doesn’t totally love indulging in a hearty glass of red wine at the end of a week? Imagine this: a hydrating face mask, pedicured toes, bunned-up locks and the best glass of red wine accompanying you! The OG self-care weekend (thank you 90s’ movies.) And while such downtime is undoubtedly beneficial for your mind, a glass of red wine is also good for your health, especially your skin! Yes, this renowned weight management and heart health drink also brings to your dermis several wowing effects! Don’t believe us? Well, get a glass ready and pour a bit as we list down the benefits of red wine for skin. 

PS: You’re going to be tempted to drink the glass at the end of this! 

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin woman brown hair

First things first, you might be wondering: what exactly makes red wine so beneficial? Alcohol is known to lead to pesky breakouts, so what makes wine different… red wine benefits your skin! 

To sum up, yes, and it all lies in its powerful antioxidants that have the strength to fight off free radicals while improving blood circulation and inflammation. 

However, the key ingredient is Resveratrol and Tannins (technical, we got it) but these powerful pops are found in the skin of grape stem, and seeds. This doesn’t mean you should be saving a whole bottle for dinner though. While drinking a moderate amount is fine, one of the best ways to utilize the benefits of resveratrol is to find it in skincare products or facials at the spa. The application of resveratrol topically on the skin boosts the antioxidant activity in the outermost layers of the skin. So, whether you want to indulge in the occasional glass of red wine or apply it topically, ahead we’ve listed the benefits of red wine for your skin. 

1. Prevents aging

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin woman brown hair

Who loves those wrinkles and sagging skin? None of us and the worst part being, old skin can’t even hide under the spell of makeup - it really needs that inner work and that’s where the benefits of red wine for skin makes its entrance. A generous amount of antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol and tannins present in the G-factor, grapes fight skin aging by restoring collagen and elastic fibers to the skin. Also, the antioxidant properties of resveratrol work super well in combating oxidative stress the skin cells are quite often subjected to. Plus, the antioxidants are so potent that it is now being researched for its ability to prevent skin cancer and other dangerous skin ailments. While that’s still in the works RN, a glass on occasions will definitely go the extra mile when it comes to firming up your skin or adding that extra glow! Cheers to that! 

2. Curbs acne

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin woman

Breakouts are 100% the masters of dulling down any look - a good party and a nasty pimple have never gotten along. However, a good party and a glass of red wine have always had the spesh bond, which is why we’re about to tell you about the benefits of red wine for skin - win win isn’t it? Loaded with antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help fight and prevent acne breakouts, wine does know what it’s doing. Plus, the R star, Resveratrol slows down germ growth and also inhibits keratinocyte proliferation, which is the cause of acne lesions. So, prep to clink for the bottle in your cellar can do more than what you know. 

3. Leads to glowing skin

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin woman brown hair glowing skin

If you’re worried about dull and uneven skin, simply turn to a glass for its brimming with red wine benefits for skin! For starters, the polyphenols in red wine; our fav drink currently will prevent skin cell oxidation which always happens as you age. Thus, giving you baby bum-like spotless and supple skin. Moreover, consuming it topically may help in regaining the lost glow on the face that usually occurs due to excess pollution and high stress levels - tbh, I am in that boat. But once again in moderation or the alcohol content can have reverse effects actually dehydrate you. 

4. Better and longer sleep

What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin woman sleep

Red wine may also help you sleep better, due to the presence of melatonin, the hormone which regulates our sleep cycles. So, there’s no harm in consuming a glass of red wine! It just might help in sleeping better at night. 

FAQs about What is the Benefit of Red Wine for the Skin 

A glass of goodness opens the door to flawlessness AKA benefits of red wine for skin! 

Q1 How much red wine should I consume? 

The suggested daily serving of wine is actually 4-5 ounces - which means you have to stop pouring at the widest part of your wine glass. And although you may be tempted, that’s about it. 

Q2 Are there any specifics of red wine that’ll enhance the quality of my skin? 

First, opt for a dry red wine. These wines have less sugar and are therefore better for your skin. Second, choose a red wine that is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to protect your skin from the damage, owing to free radicals. And lastly, look for a red wine that is made from organic grapes. Organic wines are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides that can damage your skin. And viola, just a little checklist and you’re on your way to the benefits of red wine for skin! 

Q3 Can red wine be applied topically on the skin? 

Yes! When you’re on a beach day and get a stubborn sunburn, rubbing red wine on the affected area can ease it. So, pack it girl and don’t forget to relish a sip or two.