Why Your Skin Care Routine Needs Egg Whites

Written by Delia AlmeidaSep 19, 2018
You’d be lying if you said flawless skin wasn’t a part of your skin dreams. While we do it all to achieve that, every time we get a zit or spot an enlarged pore, we go a little further away from achieving spotless skin. What if we told you that the solution to the above concerns could actually be a part of your kitchen? Nah, we’re not playing treasure hunt. The answer is really as simple as eggs! So what’s so special about them that make them perfect repairing agents for your skin? Well, eggs contain a nutrient called lutein, which works its magic on dull and damaged skin. Like that’s not all, egg white protein helps in restoring moisture, repairing of tissues and skin tightening. Still not convinced about the many powers of eggs? Read on to know more about including eggs in your skin care routine...

Skin tightening

Delays the skin’s ageing process

Large pores are one of the most common concerns when it comes to oily skin. This is when eggs come into play because they help diminish large pores. An effective skin care tip would be to rely on an egg white mask that contains astringent properties, which helps in tightening the skin and shrink large pores. You can make a homemade face mask by simply mixing a tablespoon of egg white with a squeeze of one lemon and mix it together. Apply it to the skin and let it dry for twenty minutes. As the protein in the mask dries up, the skin contracts helping in tightening the skin.

Combats oily skin

The reason for an oily appearance of the skin is excessive sebum production. Now you know why your skin appears to be an oil slick? Using egg white on the skin as a part of your skin care routine effectively draws out impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells. The chemical compound in the egg reduces the sebum production thus combating the skin’s oiliness.


Whitehead remover

Delays the skin’s ageing process

Whiteheads are small white bumps caused by clogged skin pores. The continuous accumulation of excess oil, dust and dead cells clog the pores and form a suitable ground for bacteria causing acne. Egg white has an ingredient called lysozyme, an enzyme which exterminates acne causing bacteria by assimilating the cell walls. To remove whiteheads, simply whisk an egg white in a meringue like form and apply it on your face. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off. Flawless looking skin is totally achievable if you adopt this skin care routine.

Moisturises the skin

When egg whites are used on the skin, it conserves the moisture in skin cells. Egg white masks moisturise and leave the skin hydrated. Incorporating egg whites regularly in your skin care routine will only plum up your skin increasing the skin’s elasticity giving it a youthful glow.


Delays the skin’s ageing process

Delays the skin’s ageing process

Your skin is constantly under attack because of environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure. These factors rapidly increase your skin’s ageing process. As egg whites contain vitamin A, they promote younger looking skin, reduce wrinkles and increase the skin’s elasticity thus delaying the skin’s ageing process. Beautiful looking skin is only one step away, ladies!

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