Ylang Ylang Oil Benefits: The Magic Oil Your Skincare Needs

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaSep 16, 2023
Ylang Ylang Oil Benefits: the magic oil your skincare needs

Many of us are aware of the usual oils - carriers like coconut, olive and more, and essentials like castor, rosemary and more. But there are other oils too, lesser-known, but equally effective. One such oil that is used in various cosmetics is known as ylang ylang oil. Derived from a South Asian flower, ylang ylang oil has many benefits.

This oil is created via steam distillation, and is not only a beauty ingredient, but also is a medical cure. Ylang ylang oil benefits are plenty. It is used to cure ailments such as digestive stress, headaches and more. It is known to have antimicrobial and hypotensive properties.

The oil is extracted from the flowers, and depending on how it is distilled, there are five types of ylang ylang oil. Then they are further categorised as first, second, third extracts and the best one, simply called the ‘complete’.

In this article, we will look at ylang ylang oil benefits from various perspectives, address your common queries and a lot more.


1. Ylang ylang oil benefits

FAQs on ylang ylang oil benefits


2. How to use ylang ylang oil?

FAQs on ylang ylang oil benefits


3. FAQs on ylang ylang oil benefits

FAQs on ylang ylang oil benefits

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