You might be one of those girls who takes her skin regimen rather seriously, but even the most skin conscious girls can err when it comes to toner. Toner helps in effectively closing the pores and is the most important step in your skin care routine. However, not many pay any heed to its benefits. Here is an expert approved guide on how to use a toner for dry and oily skin…

Get to know dry skin

Patchy skin, roughness, flaky skin … sounds familiar? These are the symptoms of dry skin. Dry skin needs intense hydration and a moisturising toner because, if not used properly, it may just cause irritation and abrasions on the already cracked skin allowing dust and impurities to settle.

We love: The Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner, which is enriched with witch hazel and lavender extracts that not only add that much needed moisture but also tighten pores while removing impurities from your skin.

How to use it: Our tip is to use a small amount on a cotton pad while gently patting it onto the skin to achieve that flawless, supple skin you desire.

Get to know oily skin

When you live in a tropical country like ours, oily skin is a given. This problem is often compounded in the summer and monsoon months when our sebaceous glands go into overdrive with dust and pollution making things worse.

We love: Oily skin needs a toner that has the power to remove impurities and leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. Again, the Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner is a great find. It gets rid of the deep set impurities and helps tighten and close those stubborn, open pores. As an added benefit, it is non-alcoholic, which means it will not irritate your skin.

How to use it: Take a small amount on a cotton pad and gently pat it mostly on your T-Zone where your skin tends to get oily. Make sure you use the toner when your skin is still damp. This helps the product effectively seep into the skin faster.