Having skin that glows with the radiance of the evening sun can not only add to your beauty, but also boost your confidence by leaps and bounds. However, with all the stress that your work puts you through, coupled with the dust and pollution that one has to face just about every day, your face tends to look tired and worn out by the time you’re getting ready for that dinner date you have been looking forward to.

But, do you know what can save you (and your skin)? Face masks for instant glowing skin prepared with the help of a few easily-available kitchen ingredients. Yes, you read that right!

instant face glow

Know that all of us are born with soft, glowing skin, however, with the passage of time and on account of all the dirt and pollution that our skin has to endure, not to mention the unkindly effects of age, the skin starts to become dry and dull, gradually losing its lustre with every passing day. The UV rays of the sun, excessive melanin in your skin or even your hormones, can lead to your skin becoming dull, dry and darkened too.

And no matter how much makeup you resort to, in order to brighten up your face, there’s really nothing yet created that can match up to the natural glow of your skin. Fret not though, for there are certain ways in which your skin and face can regain their original lustre. Our BeBeautiful squad curates a list of different face masks for instant glowing skin, made from natural ingredients sourced easily from your kitchen that can help your skin get back its radiance.


#Why go for natural face packs?

Why go for natural face packs?

Now, you must be wondering why is it that you can’t just go over to the supermarket and shop for some of those readymade instant glow face packs from the ‘Cosmetics and Skincare’ aisle? Well, for starters, most of the cosmetic products available in the market, including those instant glow face packs that you’re searching for, include a number of chemicals that aren’t really healthy for your skin in the long run. Ingredients sourced directly from nature rarely have any side-effects on your skin, unless you’re allergic to some of them. So, go ahead and try out some of these natural instant glow face packs at home and get your skin's original softness and lustre back.


1. Instant glow face pack: Gram flour and lemon juice

Gram flour and lemon juice

Gram flour, or besan, is a beauty ingredient with a long standing history in the beauty world. It works best with oily skin since it removes the excess oil and detoxifies your skin, bringing back lost lustre to your face, especially when used in combination with lemon juice or yoghurt. The lemon juice in the mixture cleanses your skin and helps lighten your skin tone as well.

All you need to do is mix about two tablespoons of besan powder with about half a teaspoon of lemon juice. You can even add a bit of yoghurt and a pinch of turmeric powder in order to increase the effectiveness of the mixture. Blend it all together till there are no lumps seen and apply the pack on your face for about 20 minutes, before rinsing it off with water.

Gram flour is an age-old ingredient that promises an instant face glow.


2. Sandalwood paste and rose water

Sandalwood paste and rose water

Just like besan, sandalwood also has a long history of use in the beauty industry. It helps remove all the dead skin cells from your face while rose water helps enhance your complexion and adds a rosy glow to your face, especially the cheeks. It is also extremely effective when it comes to treating any blemishes on your skin.

This face mask for instant glowing skin is pretty easy to make as well. Just add some rose water to the sandalwood powder so as to make a paste of the desired consistency. Apply the pack over your face and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes before washing it off with water.


3. Orange peel and honey

Orange peel and honey

This instant glow face pack works best for those with dry skin. Just grind dried orange peel into a powder in order to create an exfoliator and mix it with honey. While honey works as an excellent moisturizing agent, both these ingredients together will serve to lighten your skin tone and cleanse it from within, helping bring back that natural glow to your face.

Just take about a tablespoonful of orange peel powder and mix it with an equal amount of honey. You can even add a pinch of turmeric powder to the mix. Mix well to form a paste and apply it all over your face and your neck region. Wash it off after about 5-10 minutes.


4. Turmeric, milk cream and honey

Turmeric, milk cream and honey

As you might have already noticed, turmeric powder can be added to just about any face pack in order to increase its effectiveness, just as it can be used on its own very well too. An ingredient that finds mention in many Ayurvedic recipes, turmeric contains curcumin, a bright yellow chemical that has bioactive compounds that can help prevent photo-ageing. When mixed with nourishing elements such as milk cream and honey, it works as an excellent agent to bring back your face’s lost radiance.

Mix about one tablespoon of milk cream and another of honey together in a bowl and add two teaspoons of turmeric powder to the mixture. You can even add a few drops of rose water or rose oil in order to make the face pack work even better. Apply the pack on your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water.


5. Cucumber and kiwi

Cucumber and kiwi

Cucumber is known to be rich in bioactive compounds that help control the production of melanin in your skin. Not only does it reduce pigmentation, but it is also an excellent moisturizing agent. Kiwi, on the other hand, is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, stimulates cell regeneration in your skin and even helps lighten your skin tone. Kiwi and cucumber, when mixed together, also act as an exfoliator, helping remove all the dirt and impurities from your skin.

Take one kiwi fruit and about half a peeled cucumber and blend them well together in a blender. You can even add a couple of berries or some raw oatmeal to the mix. Massage the mixture gently onto your face and the neck region and let it stay for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it with water. Your face will have its natural glow back in no time!