Your Guide To Skin Polishing At Home

Written by Dayle PereiraNov 30, 2017
Your guide to skin polishing at home
On a daily basis, our clothes cover our bodies and shoes cover our feet. It is only our skin that is exposed to the elements. When we face the rays of the sun every morning and are surrounded by fumes of vehicles in traffic, it’s no surprise that by the end of the day, our face is dull and fatigued. So, in order to rid our skin of its tiredness and replace it with radiance instead, we turned out focus to skin polishing. Confused about what skin polishing is and how to go about it? Read on as we let you in on some handy tricks to try skin polishing at home…

Brush away

To reveal younger and brighter skin, you need to slough away the grime and dead cells that accumulate on the surface. An effective way to go about it is with brushing gloves, which can be worn on your hands and used either wet or dry. Not only will this loosen away your dead cells but it will also improve circulation leaving you with velvety soft skin.

Pick the right product

Select the right product that will polish away the dirt to leave you with enlivened skin. We recommend the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Whitening Serum which is enriched with Vita-Resorcinol that can reduce the formation of pigments that darken the skin and micro-crystals that polish skin to leave it looking naturally illuminated. This is just the kind of potion you need to lend your skin a salon like glow.

Give your face a workout

Just like the rest of your body, when you make your facial muscles work out a little, your collagen production can increase and the terse portions of your face can loosen up to give you radiant, glowing skin. Practise a session of facial yoga every morning with a few face stretches, massages and expressions to stimulate your skin.

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