The Many Benefits Of Adding A Clay Mask To Your Skincare Routine

Written by Anyuktha NallaniAug 18, 2022
The many benefits of adding a clay mask to your skincare routine

From Cleopatra using Dead Sea mud to deep cleanse her face, to us using clay masks for rejuvenating our skin and taking the perfect ‘gram selfies *shush shush*, clay has played an important role in skincare for centuries. From detoxifying pores and absorbing excess oils to fighting acne, there are clay mask benefits for every age and skin type. So if you aren't using clay masks already, here are five benefits of it that will make you want to grab one ASAP.


01. Unclogs the pores

Boosts blood circulation

Let’s be honest, clogged pores are a skin nightmare. From inhibiting your skincare products to penetrate deeper to making your foundation go on patchy, blocked pores can really get onto your last nerve. A clay mask such as the Lakmé 9to5 Vitamin C Clay Mask will unclog your pores, remove impurities and leave you with smoother and softer skin. Bentonite and kaolin clay come together with the goodness of vitamin C to brighten and pull impurities off your skin and wash away the dullness.


02. Inhibits excess oil production

Boosts blood circulation

Clay masks absorb excess oil like magic, making them an excellent pick for those with oily skin. The Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Mineral Clay Mask contains bentonite clay and absorbs dirt and impurities like a pro, leaving you with crystal-like radiance. It's best to use it once or twice a week if you have oily skin to control excess oil production.

Pro tip: Focus on the areas that tend to get oily like the T-zone, cheeks, nose and chin. Try to avoid areas with thin skin such as your under eye and lips as they don’t need oil absorption and clay masking could cause unnecessary dryness.



03. Fights acne

Boosts blood circulation

Clay masks put up a great fight against acne with their detoxifying properties by unclogging pores and removing bacteria that might be causing acne in the first place. So, if you’re battling against acne or even an occasional pimple or blemish, take up a clay mask as your soldier to achieve your skin goals.


04. Draws out skin impurities like a magnet

Boosts blood circulation

With your skin absorbing dirt, pollution and various other impurities every single day, it's important to mask. Why? Clay masks are made from negatively-charged molecules, and most toxins are made of positively-charged molecules. As the opposite energies attract, clay mask molecules bind themselves to toxins deep in your pores, bring them to the surface, and lift them away. Interesting, right? The Pond’s Pure Detox Mineral Clay Face Mask is made of 100% natural Manicouagan clay that has 4x oil absorption power. It sucks out dirt and oil from deep within your pores. What’s left behind? Skin that’s glowing and matte all day long.


05. Boosts blood circulation

Boosts blood circulation

Clay masks made out of bentonite clay such as the Lakmé 9to5 Moist Matte Clay Face Mask help boost blood and oxygen circulation in your skin, which aids collagen production and helps the skin rejuvenate and regenerate. So just slather a rich layer of the face mask and put on your favourite series while the mask works its magic on your skin.

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