Face serum remains to be the most perplexing beauty product (after primer, of course) and that’s the reason it is still missing from your beauty shelf. Are we right? Thought so! No worries, as we are here today to have a little chat about this beauty staple and its umpteen benefits for your skin.

Face serum benefits your skin big time and can help you with almost all your skin woes—dryness, wrinkles, large pores, dark spots, you name it. The revolutionary beauty staple is formulated with up to 70% of active ingredients (as compared to other skincare products that contain 5-10%) like skin acids, vitamins, antioxidants and more that penetrate deep into your skin and thus addresses the skin issues really, really fast, no kidding.

The benefits of face serum include more than just that. It basically gives you flawless skin with minimum efforts. You don’t want to miss out on effortlessly healthy and impeccable skin, do you? Nobody does. Using a face serum is an important step in your skincare regimen and here are all the reasons why. Face serums do what most skincare products can’t. They give hydration boost to your skin, reduce blemishes and fight ageing signs, all at once. If this piqued your interest, then read on to know 6 ways face serum benefits your skin and why you need this wonder elixir in your skincare regimen now.


1. Hydrates like you had 8 glasses of water

Hydrates like you had 8 glasses of water

Using face serum is the new skincare mandate. Here’s why. Your skin needs hydration and since you can’t get yourself to drink 8-10 glasses a day, you can get the help of hydrating serum to get your daily dose of moisture and get the dewiest skin. Face serums are extremely hydrating skincare products that can help fight dryness and turn your dull and dry skin into a nourished and healthy one. Powerful moisturizing ingredient in face serums like hyaluronic acid helps lock the moisture in your skin and leaves it soft and smooth. If you have extremely dry skin, then you can’t miss out on this moisturizing beauty staple from your skincare regimen. Apply a hydrating face serum and follow up with a moisturizer every night and wake up to glowing and healthy skin the next morning.  


2. Skin irritation? What’s that?

Skin irritation? What’s that?

If you have sensitive skin and often get redness, rash, irritation and itchiness, we know your plight. Even a couple of minutes outside in the sun and pollution-filled air wreak havoc on your skin and a moisturizer is not enough. Here’s the good news—one of the many benefits of face serums is that it helps reduce inflammation and skin irritation and calms the skin. This lubricant product often has anti-inflammatory ingredients such as glycerine, zinc, shea butter, aloe vera and arnica among other things that help soothe and heal the skin of any skin irritation be it rosacea or rash or burning. As face serums also hydrate dry skin, the irritation caused by dryness can also be reduced by using a moisturizing and nourishing serum every day. You can try Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum Concentrate to sooth your super sensitive skin and protect it against any irritants. Formulated with evening primrose oil, sunflower seeds and avocado extracts, this healing lipid can help comfort your reactive skin.


3. Zaps oil and reduces breakouts

Zaps oil and reduces breakouts

If you have oily skin chances are you are afraid of using an oily serum on your already oily skin. You might think that a face serum may make your oily skin even oilier and trigger more acne but we are glad to tell you that it isn’t true. Face serum benefits oily skin too and can be incorporated in the daily skincare regimen for the better of skin.  A face serum that has a chockfull of tried and tested oil-fighting ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid and strawberry extract helps keep excess oil in check and actually helps mattify your face, rather than leaving it greasy and oily. There are also anti-acne serums that target pimples and excess oil on your face and helps reduce breakouts. They also contain less fillers and have a watery texture instead of oily so they don’t leave behind acne inducing residue. This makes face serums a boon for oily and acne prone skin types.


4. Works down to the pores

Works down to the pores

Oily skin comes with large, visible pores that are really annoying. You can employ a face serum to reduce the pores. Face serums help shrink pores and increase cell turnover that further leads to minimisation of large pores. They also help unclog and clear dirt and sebum from the pores, thanks to the antioxidants and exfoliating acids present in them. This helps in reducing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. Also, some face serums contain Vitamin C which acts as an astringent and tightens visible pores. Since face serums are light, liquid-y skincare product, they don’t congest pores and clear them of dirt and oil deep settles in them. While thick creams and gels clog your pores and feel heavier on the skin, face serums are way lighter and absorb quickly. If large, visible pores are your concern, get a lightweight serum with exfoliating ingredient to tighten the pores and make them less visible.


5. Goodbye, blemishes!

Goodbye, blemishes!

Pesky skin blemishes and spots like acne scars, red spots, pigmentation and dark circles can come in your way of achieving flawless skin and can really bring you down. If nothing seems to be working on those stubborn blemishes, try a face serum with skin-lightening ingredients like plant concentrates, vitamins and such to treat your scars and blemishes and unlock the brighter and beautiful skin. Face serums help repair and regenerate cells and, thus, heal scars and reduce blemishes more quickly than other skincare products, making your skin look healthy and flawless from within. Get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Serum and apply it on your face every night. It has micro-crystals, skin lightening vitamins and is formulated with Vita-Resorcinol ™ that work on diminishing the blemishes and skin pigmentation and giving you a radiant and brighter complexion.


6. Hello, younger-looking skin!

Hello, younger-looking skin!

Got dull skin with visible ageing signs like wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s foot? Get a face serum with anti-ageing benefits. Thanks, to the high percentage of antioxidants and active ingredients such as retinol, resveratrol and Vitamin C present in such face serums, they do a stellar job in fighting ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and give you a healthy-looking, radiant skin. These ingredients repair skin cells and revitalize skin, brightening the complexion and adding a natural glow to your skin. Also, slathering on an anti-ageing face serum defends skin against premature aging signs and keeps it smooth and beautiful. It is recommended to apply the serum at night to get maximum benefits. An overnight serum can also help your lackluster skin get back its radiance and look as fresh as ever in the morning. Collagen boosting ingredients like green tea, argan oil and rosehip oil in some face serums also contribute to a soft and firmer skin. Apply an anti-ageing face serum and pamper your skin with a gentle massage every night before bed to get toned and plump skin.