I Tried The Dove Original And Dove Eventone Deodorants: Here’s My Honest Review

Written by Team BBNov 30, 2023
 I tried the Dove Original and Dove EvenTone deodorants: Here’s my honest review

Summer is here! And you know what that means? Yes, it’s time to include a deodorant in your daily routine, and we bet you’re already looking for the best ones around. Dove recently launched two new deodorants— Dove Original and Dove EvenTone, both of which come in a spray and roll-on variant. Retailing at ₹220 for the spray and ₹150 for the roll-on, these seem to be promising products! But are these deodorants the ones for you?

Do they prevent body odour?

Do they even out your underarm skin tone?  

Can you use them post-shaving?

Scroll down as I answer these and many more questions and share my honest reviews on the newly launched Dove deodorants.




Final verdict

Let’s start with the claims of these deodorants. The Dove Original claims to smoothen and even out the skin tone, whereas the Dove EvenTone claims to reduce dark marks and restore your skin’s natural skin tone. They claim to provide 48 hours of protection and visibly reduce underarm dark marks in just seven days.

Yes, some really big claims, we know. So do these products really stand true to these claims? Let’s find out!



Final verdict

The Dove deos are free of harsh ingredients like alcohol and paraben, making them skin-friendly even for those with sensitive skin. They contain 1/4th moisturising cream and nourishing oils that keep the delicate underarm area smooth and nourished.


Texture and consistency

Final verdict

Now, coming to the texture and consistency of the Dove deodorants, these have a nice misty texture that dries down pretty quickly without any greasy or sticky after-feel. Additionally, these deodorants feel super mild on the skin, and since they’re alcohol-free, they cause no burning sensation when applied post-shaving! This is what prevents skin irritation and sensitivity to a great extent.

The Dove EvenTone Roll-On features a rolling ball applicator, which allows the product to glide evenly and in thin layers on the skin. Even though the roll-on takes slightly longer to absorb into your skin, the best part is that it has a clear formula and doesn’t leave behind a white cast on the skin or clothes.



Final verdict

Have you ever used a deodorant that has such a strong smell that you start sneezing as soon as you apply it? Well, that’s definitely not the case with these new Dove deodorants! The Dove Original has a nice and refreshing scent. The Dove EvenTone variant has a sweet floral scent which is quite pleasing and refreshing at the same time.


My thoughts

Final verdict

I’ve been using these deodorants for a few weeks now and have been testing them for their odour protection and ability to restore underarm skin tone.
After using the deodorant spray, I observed that my skin truly stayed fresh and protected throughout the day. Additionally, I also noticed a lot less sweating than usual. Plus, there was absolutely no body odour, and the fragrance lasted all day!

As for answering the most important question: Does it restore underarm skin tone? TBH, no one has perfect underarms, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of dark marks, pigmentation or roughness. Having said that, I did notice a visible difference in about 15 days of using the Dove deodorant spray and roll-on consistently.

Additionally, because it has no alcohol and paraben, it didn’t irritate my skin. Thanks to the inclusion of 1/4th moisturising cream and caring oils, my underarm skin definitely feels a lot smoother.



Final verdict

Final verdict

So should you buy these deodorants? Well, if you are looking for odour protection, both these deodorants do an excellent job. However, if you want smooth and even underarm skin, I recommend opting for the Dove Original, particularly the roll-on, which provides extra moisture. But if you want to get rid of underarm dark marks and pigmentation,  the Dove EvenTone variant should be your go-to.

To sum it up, I’m absolutely in love with both the sprays and roll-ons. I use the spray right after a shower on clean underarms and carry the compact and cute roll-on bottle with me everywhere I go! Trust me, get your hands on these, and you won’t be disappointed!



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