Let’s get one thing straight – using an eye cream every single day is extremely important and if you don’t use one already, we suggest you start RN. Apart from keeping your eye area bright by reducing dark circles, it also helps calm the under-eye area, reduces puffiness and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by keeping it thoroughly moisturised.

But even if you’re an eye cream veteran, chances are that you could be making certain mistakes while using your eye cream, which could be preventing you from making the most of this holy-grail product. Without further ado, find out what those mistakes are and correct them ASAP…


01. Using a lot of product

Using a lot of product

The area around your eyes is quite small and therefore you need just a wee bit of eye cream there. Using a lot ends up clogging the area. Besides, eye creams are really expensive and you don’t want to let that much product go to waste, do you?


02. Applying it on dry skin

Applying it on dry skin

Just like your normal moisturiser, applying eye cream to damp skin will increase its efficacy. Applying eye cream to damp skin helps lock in moisture and makes the product sink a lot better into the skin for faster results.


03. Not applying it in the right order

Not applying it in the right order

Your skincare products need to be applied in a particular order for all of them to really work and show results. Always remember to apply the products in order of their thickness. If your moisturiser is heavier than your eye cream, then you will need to apply the eye cream before the moisturiser. But if your eye cream has a really lightweight, runny consistency, then it could even go before the serum. Read the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you are using the product the way it’s supposed to be used.


04. Not giving it enough rest

Not giving it enough rest

Just like you wait a little while for your moisturiser to settle before going in with your foundation, you need to do the same with your eye cream too. This will help your eye cream sink into your skin and keep it from shifting with the other makeup or skincare products that end up going on top of it.


Not paying attention to your eye concern

Not paying attention to your eye concern

When buying any type of skincare products, it is really important to keep in mind skin concerns that are specific to you and buy products accordingly. This will help deliver targeted action and show results a lot faster. The same applies to your eye cream as well. For example, if you have puffy eyes, but are using a product that mainly aims at reducing fine lines, then you are not helping the main concern you’ve got. So pick an eye cream specifically formulated for your concerns.