5 Ways To Repurpose The Excess Serums From Your Sheet Mask

Written by Nida SayyedJul 28, 2022
 5 ways to repurpose the excess serums from your sheet mask

Sheet masks are a skincare blessing. They revitalise your skin in merely 15 minutes and leave you feeling relaxed! But if there’s one thing that nobody likes, it is the serum dripping everywhere and causing a mess. Do you also love sheet masks but hate the wastage? There are multiple ways you can make use of the excess serum in the packet. Here are the top five ways to use the excess serum from the sheet mask.


01. Apply it on the neck

Serum concoction

The easiest way to utilise the excess serum in your sheet mask is by applying it to your neck. First, use the sheet mask as you normally would — unfold, lay it on your face and relax for 15-20 minutes. Once you’re done, fold the sheet mask in half and put it on your neck. This way, your neck also gets all the benefits of your serum.


02. Slather it on your elbows, knees and ankles

Serum concoction

Let’s be real, our elbows, knees and ankles can always use some extra help. No matter how much moisturiser we use, they still seem to be dry. So what better way to nourish them with some serum? Use the leftover serum and rub it on your rough spots. Most sheet masks also add an instant glow to the skin so you can use it all over your arms and legs to give that body polished look.


03. Double up as an eye mask

Serum concoction

Similar to the first hack on the list, you can just fold the sheet in half, close your eyes and place it over your eyes. Skip the efforts to slice a cucumber to place over your eyes and reuse your sheet mask instead. You can also cut your sheet in crescent moon shape and make under eye masks out of it - just ensure you use clean scissors for this process.


04. DIY hydrating face mist

Serum concoction

You will need untouched, leftover serum from your packet for this one. Before you use the sheet mask, try to gently wring out extra serum from the sheet in the packet itself. Now take the serum from the packet and pour it into a spray bottle. Once you’ve transferred all the serum in the spray bottle, add your favourite facial mist or toner to it. This will give you a thicker liquid that will be a delight for your skin! This unites the goodness of your facial mist and hydration of the serum to deliver dreamy skin. Just spray it all over your face as and when you please.


05. DIY serum cotton pads

Serum concoction

Just like the previous trick, retain serum in the packet itself - as much as possible. Once that’s done, pour it into a jar-like container and seal the lid. You can dip your cotton pad in the liquid and apply it all over your face like an exfoliating pad.

If you have a lot of serum left, stack a few cotton pads in the jar and pour the serum on them to make serum-soaked cotton pads that are easier to use. This is a great way to store your serum for those lazy days. Just cleanse your face, rub one cotton pad on your face and you’re set.

This is also an excellent way to spot treat. If you have dry patches, keep one cotton pad on that area for a few minutes to deeply moisturise that region.



06. Serum concoction

Serum concoction

How about mixing your favourite sheet masks in one? Save the remaining serum from your sheet mask in a bottle. And, the next time you try a new variant, mix the leftover serums to make your brand new skincare elixir! Any used up bottle with a dropper could work well for storing your mixture. You can also store this in your fridge for a boost of freshness upon application. Try the Pond’s Vitamin Sheet Mask Pack of 5. A supersaver pack with a sheet mask for every concern. Pamper your skin every week and keep building your DIY magic potion.

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