Vaseline Just Launched Its Iconic Lip Therapy Tins In India And We're Hooked

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 Vaseline just launched its iconic Lip Therapy Tins in India and we're hooked

When it comes to lip balms and petroleum jelly, you know our heart eternally belongs to Vaseline. And while a good ol' tube or a pot of the magical product can fix just about every problem under the sun, ever so often we want to step up our lip game by a notch. Enter: Vaseline's latest launch, the iconic Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins.

A little tin that packs a big punch, the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin is our favourite new solution to all our lip-care woes — especially when we’re on the go. This portable, pocket-friendly powerhouse product will help you moisturise dry lips and revive chapped lips instantly. Available in three different variants--each of them super helpful--the lip tins are a must-have in every beauty connoisseur's arsenal. Here's why...

06. The price hits the sweet spot


01. It has a specialised formula

06. The price hits the sweet spot

Containing a specialised formulation which consists of 100% pure white petroleum jelly, the new lip tins promise moisture-retention. Petroleum jelly is an occlusive agent; it seals in the moisture to soften, soothe, and rehydrate the lips. Using the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin will provide the healthy dose of moisturisation your lips are in dire need of. It will also deal with any flaking that may happen on the surface, and moisturise the lips thoroughly.


02. Provides shine sans grease

06. The price hits the sweet spot

We all love high-shine products, but hate the grease and stickiness that comes along with them. The Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins take care of that; they give your pout a picture-perfect glossy appearance, while also being suitable for regular use since it won't weigh heavy.


03. It's convenient

06. The price hits the sweet spot

Whether you're a fan of the micro-bag when you go out, or if your backpack is always bursting with things you need, the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin is so convenient, you can literally carry it anywhere. Iconically designed to be easy-to-carry and pocket-friendly, you can use this product on the go, and keep your pout happy, healthy, and hydrated.


04. Great variants

06. The price hits the sweet spot

Need to soften your lips ASAP? The Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin has you covered. Need glowing, healthy lips? You don't need to ask twice. With three different variants — from Vaseline Therapy Lip Tin Original Care which we know and love to Vaseline Therapy Lip Tin Aloe, and even Vaseline Therapy Lip Tin Cocoa Butter, the Vaseline Lip Tins have a solution for every single lip concern that you have.


05. The price hits the sweet spot

06. The price hits the sweet spot

We love a multipurpose, convenient product that does what it says, but when its price hits the sweet spot… take our money already! Priced at ₹249, the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are a pocket-friendly option in more ways than one. Talk about checking all the boxes!

With all the perks that come with owning the lip tin, we think it is a must-have for anyone who wants healthy, happy, and hydrated lips on the go. Ready to invest in lip health? Go, grab the entire range, RN!

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