The Best Times To Use A Deodorant For Maximum Effect

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
The best times to use a deodorant for maximum effect

All of us have our morning routines set: shower, brush your teeth, apply deodorant, apply skincare and makeup, dress up, eat breakfast and leave. But have you ever considered doing things differently? Did you know that the time of the day when you apply your antiperspirant or deodorant can make a lot of difference?

Sweat itself doesn’t stink; it is the bacteria on your skin that gives off a bad odour. Deodorants work by killing odour-causing bacteria on the skin, thereby inhibiting the unpleasant smell. However, using a deodorant at certain times of the day can increase its effectiveness and give upto 48 hours of odour protection. Scroll down to learn when to use a deodorant for maximum effect.


Before going to bed

After exercising

You read that right! Nighttime is the best time to spray on deodorant or antiperspirant. Your sweat glands are more active in the morning, causing your antiperspirant to wear off even before it can get the time to start working its magic. But at night, your deodorant will have plenty of time to block the sweat ducts. However, make sure you use a long-lasting deodorant like the Dove Original Deodorant for Women, which contains moisturising cream and gives up to 48-hour protection from odour. The alcohol and paraben-free formula won’t irritate your skin or cause underarm darkening either.


Before exercising

After exercising

Applying deodorant while you’re sweating won’t inhibit the odour or sweat. Therefore, make sure to apply your deodorant on dry skin, that is before you start exercising. Antiperspirants on the other hand can block the pores and make you smell worse later on, therefore avoid using them before exercising. It's best to take a shower, clean your body, dry the area and put on the deodorant before your home workout or leaving for the gym.


After exercising

After exercising

If you head to work right after the gym, then here’s when to apply deodorant for maximum effect — after your sweat session. As mentioned before, the deodorant won’t do much on sweaty skin; therefore, take a quick shower and let your body dry off before spraying deodorant and dressing up for work. A long-lasting deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day long!

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