It is no surprise that women do it all to look perfect and this includes keeping their face absolutely flawless with not one hair in sight. Although common and natural, facial hair is an annoying and embarrassing issue that most women struggle with. It happens because of rise in levels of androgens, including testosterone and the causes may include hereditary factors, change in hormones, medical conditions and more. But, thankfully you don’t have to live with unwanted hair, as there are ways to get rid of even the least noticeable of stubble on face.

You can resort to one of the plenty facial hair removal methods available such as epilating, waxing, threading, depilatory creams, laser and more. There are temporary and permanent, surface and root removal methods and at-home hair removal methods as well. Yes, you can also try more natural ways which include homemade hair removal masks to nix the unappealing facial hair. It can be daunting to decide which method you should go for safe facial hair removal? Worry not! Here are 10 facial hair removal methods and everything you need to know about them so you can pick the best for you and get rid of the fuzzy hair growth on your face. Read on...


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 1. Epilating


An epilator is a motorized device which uses tiny rotatory razor blades to pull out facial hair. It is a fast and long-lasting hair removal method that gets the hair out from its roots. It can grasp hair as short as 0.02mm. Plus, you don’t have to reach for your epilator for up to a month. It is safer than most hair removal methods as it only pulls out the hair and does not remove cells from the top layer of the epidermis and thus it doesn’t harm your skin in the process. Although a little expensive, most epilators run on battery and are very compact so it is really a great beauty investment if you ask us.


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 2. Threading


Quick and less painful, you can always rely on the good ol’ facial hair removal method—threading. It uses a thread to nix the stray hair and leaves you with a smooth, hairless finish. It can not only pluck the eyebrow splinters, upper lip and chin hair but also fuzzy hair on your cheeks and jawline. It can keep the unwanted hair away for four to six weeks, longer than waxing. It is quite economical and safe, although you might end up with some cuts if the person doing it is not too careful.


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 3. Waxing


If you have facial hair, you must be no stranger to waxing. One of the most common and oldest ways of hair removal, waxing uses warm, sticky wax made of sugar, beeswax or chocolate. It is applied in the direction of hair growth and peeled off with the help of strips in the opposite direction. It is a root removal method and long lasting. However, for hair to be waxed, it should be of minimum 0.5mm in length for the wax to hold. The side effects may include burns, irritation and redness, which go away in a while, although it is safe to test the wax on your hand before applying to your face.   


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 4. Dermaplaning


Although primarily used to remove dead skill cells off the face, dermaplaning has an added bonus of removing tiny facial hair and is a pretty effective method. While scraping off the top layer of your skin which consists of dead skin, it also removes Vellus hair or peach fuzz from your face. This surface removal method uses a sharp scalpel to exfoliate your skin and leaves it smooth and bright with no hair in sight. And, the hair doesn’t come back thicker. It can be a little expensive but it does two job at once and makes your skin flawless in every way.


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 5. Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams

These are the lotion-like formulas which are infused with chemicals such as sodium thioglycolate, calcium thioglycolate and strontium sulphide which work by breaking down the protein bonds of the hair and thus removing them effortlessly. This is one hair removal method that zaps hair from below the skin’s level and is absolutely painless. It is easy and inexpensive but hair grows back in a couple of days, depending on the growth and density of your hair. The downsides of this method are strong chemicals which can cause allergy and irritation and offer short-lived results.   


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 6. Tweezing


Another manual hair removal method that you can do yourself at home is tweezing or plucking. You can take a tweezer and get the tiniest of hair out with it. It is more helpful with eyebrow hair and stray hair on chin which is relatively harder and easier to pull and pluck. Although for peach fuzz and sideburn hair, it won’t be that effective as the hair density is lighter and very thin in texture which makes it difficult to spot and hold. It is quick and inexpensive and slows down the growth of hair with time. Just be careful and don’t be too harsh while plucking or you might cause trauma to the hair follicles.  


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 7. Shaving or Trimming

Shaving or trimming

There are facial trimmers and razors, electric and manual, which help cut off the hair right above the surface of the skin. It is quick and painless but the hair grows back in 1-2 days and the stubble makes skin appear darker and the hair is coarser as it was cut off the surface. Also, sensitive and acne-prone skin types have to be extra careful while using a face trimmer. We would say it is best for shaping the eyebrow arch and small touch-ups.


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 8. Laser


If you are fed up of the monthly salon visits and getting the facial hair removed every once in a while, you can always opt for the laser hair removal. A widely popular cosmetic procedure for hair removal, laser gets you rid of facial hair permanently by exposing your skin to the beam of highly concentrated laser light which destroy the hair follicle, slowing hair growth. It targets hair roots and doesn’t affect the skin in any way. Thus, it is safe, quick and you won’t have to worry about facial hair ever after getting the procedure done.


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 9. IPL


Another permanent method of facial hair removal is IPL or intense pulsed light. It does the same job as the laser treatment but the difference is that it uses broad-spectrum, visible light. This light energy transfers as heat energy when it is absorbed and damages the follicle by heating the hair. It is quicker than laser as it covers larger areas of skin at once but you may need more sessions to get the same results. It is cheaper than laser but does the job efficiently.  


#Facial Hair Removal Methods - 10. DIY hair removal masks

DIY hair removal masks

You can trust the natural ingredients in your kitchen to remove the facial hair too. This is the safest, most inexpensive method facial hair removal there can be. Sticky ingredients like egg white, honey and melted sugar combined with gram flour and turmeric have proven to be excellent in removing facial hair. Mix sugar, honey and lemon juice in a bowl and heat it till it is warm. Apply in the direction of hair growth and let it cool off. Press a wax strip and peel off in the opposite direction. Rinse and moisturize. This homemade hair removal mask won’t hurt your skin and zap the hair from roots. 

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