Winter is here and while it is good news for you, considering you’ll be enjoying the cold weather and the party season, it isn’t such great news for your skin. Dullness, dryness and other winter skin woes are a part of the cold season that you can’t ignore, but what you can do is make sure your skin doesn’t fall victim to all those issues this winter.

Pamper your skin with some skin-loving sugar scrubs that fight dryness, flakiness and dullness, and leave your skin healthy, hydrated and happy even if it is freezing outside. We have got three homemade sugar scrubs that you can DIY for healthy winter skin.

3 homemade sugar scrub recipes glowing winter skin

Honey + coconut oil + brown sugar

If your skin gets seriously dry in winter, you need a scrub that moisturises it and we have got just the recipe for you. Honey and coconut oil are both natural moisturisers that fight dryness and make your skin smooth and hydrated. Combine equal amounts of brown sugar, honey and coconut oil to get the similar consistency like that of wet sand and mix well. Transfer it into a jar and use this scrub to get moisturised and soft skin. 

3 homemade sugar scrub recipes glowing winter skin

Lavender + Lemon + sugar

Trap summer in a jar with this sweet-smelling body scrub. It will take the winter dullness away and brighten your skin’s complexion while also leaving it with a natural glow. Take about four tablespoons of sugar and add one tablespoon of lavender oil and lemon essential oil in it. You can make it even more interesting by adding some crushed dried lavender and a couple of drops of purple food colour. Transfer it into an empty jar and use it every day. 

3 homemade sugar scrub recipes glowing winter skin

Coffee + sugar + olive oil

If you love the smell of coffee, try this amazing scrub with the benefits of coffee and nourishment of olive oil. It removes dead skin cells and makes your skin visibly soft and supple. In half a cup of ground coffee, add a quarter cup of olive oil and half a cup of white sugar. Add a few drops of rose water. Mix well and put it in a small jar. Rub a small amount of this sugar scrub on your body before taking a bath and follow up with a moisturiser.