Face tools are an easy way to upgrade any skincare routine. They help your products perform better and simplify your regimen as well. One of the face tools that has gained a lot of popularity among beauty enthusiasts is the silicone face scrubber. And turns out, it makes a great exfoliating tool for the winter season.

Winter skin is excessively dry, and as such, becomes too sensitive for physical and chemical exfoliators. What you need is a gentle way to slough off the dead skin cells, without over-stressing your skin barrier. Enter: Silicone face scrubbers! Here’s why you need to invest in one RN.


What are silicone face scrubbers?

What are silicone face scrubbers?

As the name suggests, silicone scrubbers are made of the squeegee like material, with a bumpy design to help trap dead skin and dirt from your skin. The material is soft, and the tools come in both manual and battery-operated variants. They are also hypoallergenic, odour resistant, and antibacterial, which makes them safe enough to be used every day during the colder months as well.


Benefits of silicone scrubbers for winter skin:

Benefits of silicone scrubbers for winter skin:

Some of the unique benefits of silicone scrubbers for winter skin are as follows...

01. They’re time-saving: As compared to using your fingers, silicone scrubbers can lather facial cleansers and exfoliators quicker. Thus, cutting down on the time you have to rub them on your skin. This protects your skin from over-exfoliation and drying out.

02. They provide a deep cleanse: FYI, your favorite face brush might not remove surface dirt from your skin; instead, it just moves it around your face. Silicone scrubbers can help trap dirt and oil and deep cleanse your skin. They are especially good for people who wear makeup daily and don’t want to spend hours taking it off.

03. They can help declutter your bathroom cabinet: If your bathroom cabinet is full of spin-brushes, washcloths and loofahs, a quality silicone scrubber can make them obsolete. They are suitable for most skin types and are not abrasive like loofahs.

04. They are equally effective for body care: Silicone scrubbers can help exfoliate hard to reach problem areas on your body as well. If you suffer from issues like back acne or eczema and flakiness on your arms, a silicone scrub can help deal with the skin issues.

05. They are easy to clean: Most silicone scrubbers are recommended to be replaced every 6 months or so after daily use. This is because they are very durable and super easy to clean, all you need is some lukewarm soapy water and wiping down. Some are even dishwasher friendly to make your life much easier.

The best way to use this tool is with a gel/creamy product with no trace of physical and harsh exfoliating particles in them. Clean them after each use and keep them away from wet surfaces as much as possible. This is to ensure they are safe from mildew, which can transfer on your skin and cause irritation.