When we talk about body lotions or moisturising products we immediately think of winter. But moisturising is not just a winter-specific activity; skin can get dehydrated all year round. Just like sunscreen should be applied every single day, come rain or snow, body lotions, too, are skincare essentials that should be applied every day, even during summer! And we are not lying when we say that there are several benefits of using body lotion in summer, including soft and youthful skin.

However, you can’t continue using the same body lotion that helped your dry skin during winter, as it will be quite heavy for your skin to absorb during the sweltering months, leading to a sweaty, sticky mess. But then how do you pick a summer-ready body lotion from the gazillion options out there? We’ll tell you how. Here are five simple things to keep in mind when choosing body lotion for summers.

Summer lotion vs. winter lotion


01. Texture


Instead of opting for a creamy lotion, look for a lightweight formula that won’t feel too heavy on the skin. A gel-based texture is recommended for summers, as they are weightless and do not make the skin greasy. What’s more, the gel texture is water-based, which means it is less likely to bind to the natural oils of the skin, and therefore attracts less dirt than a cream-based moisturiser, which lowers the chances of breakouts.


02. Formula


While it may seem so, summers are certainly not the time to skimp on the body lotion. In fact, constant exposure to the air conditioner can rob the skin of essential moisture, leaving it dehydrated. While switching your skincare routine, make sure you pick a quick-absorbing body lotion for summer, which sinks into your skin instantly and makes it soft and smooth.


03. Ingredients


The next important thing to keep in mind while choosing a lotion is the ingredients. Pick a formula that contains skin-soothing and cooling ingredients to beat the heat. Using a lotion with skin-friendly ingredients will take care of the damage caused by sun exposure throughout the day. A lightweight body lotion with soothing ingredients is all you need to stay protected when you wear tank tops and sleeveless clothes in summer.


04. Fragrance


Having a shower twice a day and applying deodorant are two very important summer habits. Here’s a third habit that can keep you feeling fresh for a long time. Using a scented body lotion will keep your skin hydrated and subtly scented. Body lotions get absorbed into the skin and make it smell more natural and fresh, unlike perfumes, which can be overpowering.


05. Read labels

Read labels

If you are a health-conscious person you’d be used to reading labels every time you make your way to the grocery store. Start doing the same for your skincare products, if you want nothing but the best for your skin. While it’s not easy to read the labels of all the products in your cart, a simple check can save a lot of worries later. Make sure to buy products that are dermatologically tested as the skin can get easily irritated during summer, and using a dermatologist-approved formula will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, products with these labels can be used by all skin types.


Summer lotion vs. winter lotion

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