How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated And Non-Sticky This Summer

Written by Nida SayyedJul 06, 2022
How to keep your skin hydrated and non-sticky this summer

Remember that 90s advertisement with the sun sucking all the water from a kid’s head on a hot summer day? That’s how it really is. Whether you reside in a humid city or a dry area, you cannot escape the wrath of summer heat and dehydration. Luckily, there are ways to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Here are four ways you can keep your skin looking gorgeous and hydrated even in the summers.


1. Drink enough water

4. Use matte sunscreen

This is obvious but has to be said. You need to drink more water in the summer. Heat can easily drain you in no time and you need hydration to keep going. Dehydration soon starts showing on your skin too. It can cause irritation, acne and redness. Drink about two litres of water daily.


2. Use hyaluronic acid

4. Use matte sunscreen

Drinking water is great. But how do you make sure that water stays and is being utilised by your skin? With hyaluronic acid. This hero ingredient is an incredible humectant and ensures hydration all day and keeps your skin supple. It traps water molecules underneath your skin, in your cells, and keeps your skin hydrated.

The Simple Booster Serum - 3% Hyaluronic Acid + B5 For Deep Hydration can be your BFF this summer. It contains 0.5% active hyaluronic with 2.5% proactive vitamin B5 to provide maximum hydration and keep your skin healthy. This formula sinks into your skin within seconds and gets to work right away. This is a must-have in every season but works exceptionally well in summer.



3. Use a gel-based moisturiser

4. Use matte sunscreen

Switch to light, gel moisturisers in summers. Gel-based moisturisers are non-sticky, absorb into the skin in no time and get the job done. The Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Gel Crème is a fabulous pick for the summer. It locks in hydration for up to 72 hours and combats any dryness or irritation. Pair it with the Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Overnight Gel for maximum hydration and softness!


4. Use matte sunscreen

4. Use matte sunscreen

With all the light hydrating agents to look fresh and gorgeous, we can’t let sweat and oiliness win. Use sunscreen with a matte finish so your skin doesn’t end up looking greasy in the summer. While the hydrating creams and serums won’t make your skin look oil-slicked, summer heat ends up producing excess sebum and that needs to be counteracted with something matte. So, protect your skin and at the same time, fight off the harmful UV rays with a matte SPF.

Check out a BB favourite and staple – Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Lotion Sunscreen. A super light and smooth formula that glides onto the skin with ease to shield your skin from the sun. It feels like you have nothing on your skin with this sunscreen and it keeps your skin looking flawless all day!

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