The high levels of humidity in the air allow bacteria and infections to thrive and multiply with ease which is why fungal, viral and bacterial infections are so common during the rainy season. Especially those with sensitive skin type have a hard time dealing with skin infections during monsoon.

Love it or hate it, there’s no escape from the rains, but there are a few ways through which you can escape fungal infections this monsoon. Here’s how…


01. Wear open footwear

Wear open footwear

Replace your closed footwear with those specifically designed for monsoon. It will ensure the dirty water doesn’t get trapped in your shoes and invite fungal infections. If you do step in a puddle, immediately wash or wipe your feet as soon as you reach your destination to avoid the risk of a skin infection.


02. Change out of wet clothes ASAP

Change out of wet clothes ASAP

Wet clothes, socks and undergarments should be changed as soon as possible. Letting them stay and dry on your skin may cause severe itching that will further lead to fungal infections. Change out of wet clothes, cleanse your body and face thoroughly and wear fresh set of clothes to keep nasty infections at bay.


03. Dust anti-fungal powder

Dust anti-fungal powder

Invest in an anti-fungal dusting powder and use it every day after taking a bath, before wearing socks and at night before going to bed. It will keep the area dry and prevent the spread of bacteria.


04. Avoid itching and scratching

Avoid itching and scratching

If you experience and itching sensation, do not scratch the area. Instead, clean the area thoroughly with water and antibacterial soap. If the itching persists, visit a doctor immediately who will be able to recommend the right treatment.