5 Tips To Smell Amazing All Summer Long

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
5 tips to smell amazing all summer long

A bright and sunny summer day can be easily ruined by body odour. The soaring temperatures and high levels of humidity can leave you sweaty and stinky. And dousing yourself in perfume and wishing that the odour magically disappears isn’t going to help either. What you need to do instead is follow these top tips that we’ve put together to help you keep smelling amazing all summer long! Scroll down to check ém out.


Moisturise, and then moisturise some more!

Layer your scents

Did you know that moisturised and hydrated skin is better at retaining fragrances as compared to dry skin? This means that all of your floral perfumes and fresh deodorant fragrances will last longer during summer if you apply them to moisturised skin. So slather on a lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser every day and if you want to keep smelling good in summer, ladies.

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02. Wear natural fabrics

Layer your scents

Your skin needs to breathe during the summer and synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, which are commonly used in summery clothes, suffocate the skin. It’s best to stick to natural fabrics like cotton, lines, and silks as they absorb sweat, allowing the heat to escape from your body faster.


Use an alcohol-free deodorant

Layer your scents

When choosing a deodorant for the summer, go for alcohol and paraben-free formula. Alcohol is known to dry out your skin, which can further allow bacteria to grow and worsen body odour. Use a gentle, nourishing deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

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04. Keep scented wipes handy

Layer your scents

On sweltering hot days, when you are down on your luck and get stuck in traffic, using scented wipes can save you a lot of grief. These not only freshen up your skin but also wipe away dirt and bacteria accumulated on it to keep you smelling good.


05. Layer your scents

Layer your scents

Did you know that layering fragrances can help them last longer? If you like a particular scent, try and include more similar smelling products in your routine. Start with a scented body wash in the shower, then move on to using a scented body lotion and layer it with a similar smelling deodorant and perfume. Layering your scents will help them last throughout the day and keep you smelling yummy all summer long.

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