3 Reasons Why You Should Be Applying Your Deodorant At Night

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
 3 reasons why you should be applying your deodorant at night

Come summers, deodorants form an important part of our daily self-care routine. If you didn’t already know, the benefits of using a deodorant extend far beyond just controlling body odour. On regular usage, these babies prevent excessive sweating as well as keep your underarms perfectly soft and smooth.

But if you are someone who still applies their deodorant in the morning, then here’s the truth – you’re doing it all wrong. For your deodorant to actually work and deliver all the claims it makes, it must be applied in the night. If you are wondering why should you put deodorant on at night, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for the benefits...


01. Your sweat glands are less active

03. It stays on a lot longer

At night, your body’s natural functions automatically slow down, and this is true for your sweat glands as well. Additionally, your body temperature is lower during the night, which means your sweat glands are less active and you also tend to sweat less. This allows the deodorant to absorb faster into your skin and work overnight while you sleep.

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02. It works better on dry skin

03. It stays on a lot longer

Unlike a moisturiser, your deodorant doesn’t show great results when applied on damp skin. Therefore, when you apply deodorant right after a shower in the morning, there is a major chance that it is going to be wiped away. Besides, since we tend to sweat more during the day, mostly like your deodorant won’t be able to show much results during the day. Hence, applying your deodorant at night on clean, completely dry underarms will definitely show better results.


03. It stays on a lot longer

03. It stays on a lot longer

Deodorants usually block your sweat glands by creating a plug on top of them to prevent sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. When you apply it at night, the ingredients in the deodorants actually sink into your skin and do not get wiped off the next morning, even after a shower. If applied at night, most deodorants actually show effects up to 24 hours.

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