Why A Brightening Serum Is The Key To Glowing Skin?

Written by Tashika TyagiJul 19, 2022
Why a brightening serum is the key to glowing skin?

We believe we speak for everyone when we say that there is nothing better than naturally glowing, healthy skin. When the pores are tightened and skin is bright - everything feels just right! Sure, you can make the skin appear aglow with makeup, but as they say, “It takes a lot to shine without makeup; it takes courage, strength, self-esteem, and a good serum”. Yup, we believe in it too.

So, as firm believers of the fact that all good things take time, we understand that achieving natural radiance isn’t going to happen overnight. But, one needs to start somewhere, and we have found just the right product that will help you take the first step. Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum is just everything your skin needs. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this serum:


Why do you need to try it out?

Why do we love it?

In a market flooded with Vitamin C serums, the new Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum emerges as a revolutionary product that you will love at first use. This serum is actually 60 times better than your regular Vitamin C face serums and helps make your skin bright, smooth, and hydrated, thanks to the three amazing ingredients it is made up of...

Hyaluronic Acid: From improving your skin texture to reducing signs of ageing to hydrating the skin from within - hyaluronic acid is basically a magical ingredient that your skin craves. And this serum from Pond’s works to hydrate your skin and make it gorgeous.

Gluta-Boost-C: A blend of glutathione and Vitamin C, the Gluta-Boost-C in this serum helps smoothen the skin and reduce stubborn dark spots. All this is thanks to the antioxidants present in glutathione and the innate property of Vitamin C to produce melanin.

Niacinamide: Niacinamide is known for its skin brightening properties. And when it works with the other two active ingredients in this serum, you can imagine the amazing results they deliver. Your skin will appear bright and glowy, and you’ll notice less spots and blemishes on it.



Why do we love it?

Why do we love it?

Now that you know everything that’s inside the Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum let's tell you more about it. While the rich ingredients were the first thing that drew us to the serum, there are other factors too that made us fall in love with this skincare product.

Helps brighten your skin: All thanks to active ingredients like Niacinamide, the Spot-less Glow Serum brightens your skin.

Improves skin texture: The glutathione and Vitamin C blend, aka the Gluta-Boost-C in this serum, helps improve your skin texture and makes it smooth.

Hydrates and soothes: A treat for your skin - hyaluronic acid in this Pond’s Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Serum helps hydrate, soothe and calm the skin.

60X better than Vitamin C: This serum combines antioxidant-enriched glutathione and skincare expert Vitamin C together, which makes it 60 times better than your regular Vitamin C serums. The glutathione works together with Vitamin C to lighten pigmented skin by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase (responsible for melanin production). This helps brighten your skin way better and faster than just Vitamin C.

Spot reduction: With Gluta-Boost-C and Vitamin B3 in their formula, this serum helps fight and reduce 3 different spots to a large extent - pimple marks, dark spots, and sun spots.

Penetrates deep into the skin: The serum penetrates 10 layers deep, within the epidermis of your skin, making sure that it brightens your skin from deep within.

Pocket friendly: With all the amazing benefits it has to offer, the Pond’s Spot-less Glow Serum is priced at ₹449 for 30ml — a total steal, we say. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this serum for yourself and see it work its magic!


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