10 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Rice Water

Written by Chethana PrakasanNov 23, 2022
10 amazing beauty benefits of rice water
You have rice for lunch almost every day but did you know that it has several beauty benefits? People in many Asian countries have been using rice water for centuries to keep their hair strong and their skin looking clear and young. Cost-effective and easily available, rice water is all you need to get healthy hair and skin, so include it in your beauty regimen now.

How to make rice water

You can make rice water by boiling rice in three times the water for about half an hour and strain out the residual water. This milky residual water is your rice water. You can also make rice water with uncooked rice. Just take half a cup of rice and soak it in two cups of water for about half an hour. Then, strain it to collect the rice water. You can use this immediately or store it for around 4 days in a jar at room temperature.

Read on to know the beauty benefits of rice water.

Provides anti-aging effects

It lightens your complexion

You can lighten your complexion using rice water as it has bleaching properties. Just apply it on your face and neck using a cotton pad and let it dry. Wash it off with water after about 10 minutes.

Minimises open pores

You can use rice water to close your open pores as act as an astringent. You need to refrigerate the rice water and then apply it on your face using a cotton pad. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Gets rid of the frizz

Rice water makes your hair frizz-free as it includes a carbohydrate called inositol. It repairs your hair and protects it from further damage. Use it to rinse your hair after shampooing.

Treats sunburn and spots

Thanks to its cooling effect, rice water can be used to soothe sunburn. All you must do is apply it on the affected area.

Provides anti-aging effects

Makes your hair healthy

You can use of rice water for rinsing your hair after shampooing. This will improve its health. Your hair will be more manageable and lustrous.

Heals skin inflammation

Rice water helps in soothing rashes and skin inflammation. Apply it on the affected area using a cotton ball. Let it dry and then, wash it off with water.

Provides anti-aging effects

Provides anti-aging effects

Thanks to the antioxidants, rice water can help fight the aging signs and spots. It will also help improve the elasticity and texture of your skin.

You can use it as a shampoo

If you are looking for a natural shampoo, then your search ends here. Rice water can be used as a cleanser for your hair. Rich in amino acids, it will improve the volume and strength of your hair.

Keeps your skin soft

Use rice water as a cleanser, it will make your skin supple and soft as it stimulates cell growth. Massage your face and neck area with rice water for about five minutes and you're done.

Add it to your bath

Rice water can be used in your bath to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Just add a cup of rice water to your bath along with a few drops of essential oil. So, go ahead and soak in.

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