Dry and cracked heel is an unsightly and embarrassing skin issue, but more importantly, it is a sign that you are not taking good care of your feet. It could be a result of dryness, standing for long hours or poor quality footwear. Whatever the reason, practising some daily foot care habits, will ensure your feet remain smooth and healthy.

Here are three nighttime habits to adopt to turn your cracked heels smooth and pretty.


01. Wash your feet

01.	Wash your feet

Your feet accumulate a great deal of sweat, bacteria and grime throughout the day as they are squished in tight shoes. This can leave you with cracked heels. To avoid this, wash your feet with water and quickly scrub with a pumice stone every night to exfoliate dead skin and get squeaky clean feet.


02. Moisturise

02.	Moisturise

After you’ve washed your feet, pamper them with moisturiser, foot cream or oil to keep them nourished and moisturised. Your heels crack due to lack of moisture and extreme dryness, so it is important to slather a moisturising product on your feet before bed. Alternatively, you can massage your feet with a small amount of lavender oil too. It helps you sleep well and keeps your feet hydrated all night long.


03. Sleep with socks on

03.	Sleep with socks on

Wear soft, comfy cotton socks before hitting the sheets. The fabric from your quilt and bedding can rub against your feet and remove natural moisture, causing it to become dry and cracked. Wearing socks will help avoid this and seal in the moisture. Don’t use woollen socks, though, especially in summer. Swear by thin, cotton socks to keep your feet happy and healthy.