5 Signs Your Skin Is Ageing Faster Than It Should

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 signs your skin is ageing faster than it should

Of the many skin problems you probably already have, you don’t want another one added. Nobody does! Although ageing is natural and inevitable, it is obviously better that it shows at the right time or maybe even later than it should on your skin. But sadly, premature ageing is a thing, and a scary one, and you could be a victim of that right now without even realising.

So, is your ageing clock is speeding up? Do you already have those premature ageing signs in your 20s or 30s? These signs will tell you. 


Your skin is becoming dry

Your skin is getting thinner

As you age, your skin’s moisture level depletes. If your skin has been feeling a bit too dry and tight lately, it could be a sign that it isn’t producing as much natural oil. Invest in a cleanser that doesn’t strip moisture from your skin, but leaves it hydrated.


You’re getting brown/dark spots

Your skin is getting thinner

The pigment cells called melanocytes start to cluster more quickly with age and form dark spots on your skin every time you step out in the sun. These sun spots are a sign you need SPF in your skincare routine if you don’t want to age any faster.


Your skin is looking dull

Your skin is getting thinner

If you’re losing your glow and your face is looking dull and pale, then it’s time to up your skincare game. Your skin doesn’t shed dead skin cells naturally as you age and this causes a loss of radiance. Exfoliate regularly to get that glow back.


You’re spotting wrinkles and fine lines

Your skin is getting thinner

The first and foremost sign of ageing is wrinkles and fine lines. Noticing these lines on your skin? Start with an anti-ageing skincare regimen and trust a night cream and eye cream to fight those pesky signs for good.


Your skin is getting thinner

Your skin is getting thinner

Due to slow cell and collagen production and drop in the level of calcium, the epidermis becomes loose and thin. The result is it becomes prone to wrinkles and bruises. Use a serum enriched with amino acids, calcium and peptides to keep your skin firm and youthful.

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