Waking up in the morning with a bump on your face that will soon turn into a breakout is super annoying. You’ve been religiously following your skincare routine, eating healthy, stress levels are under control, and it’s not even that time of the month, then why is your skin breaking out?

Blame hormonal fluctuations, periods and stress all you want but sometimes that sudden acne flare-up has nothing to do with these three factors. Instead, the triggers are something that you would’ve never suspected. Scroll down to see five surprising reasons why your skin might be breaking out.


01. Toothpaste


Yes, you read that right. The same toothpaste that so many people on the internet claim to be the remedy for acne could be the one causing it. While brushing your teeth, some of the toothpaste can make its way to the corner of your mouth and remain there until you complete your morning rituals. Toothpaste contains drying ingredients like menthol that cause the skin to produce excess sebum and lead to breakouts.


02. Sleeping with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair

If you’re some who prefers washing their hair at night, make sure to at least dry it well before hitting the sheets. Why? Because bacteria thrive in damp and dark places, this makes your pillow the perfect place for bacteria to grow and cause breakouts on your face.


03. Cell phones

Cell phones

The one thing you can’t live without might also be the reason behind unexplained acne. If you have acne around your jawline and chin, chances are your phone is responsible for it. When the bacteria and dirt sitting on your smartphone comes in contact with the oils on your face, it is a recipe for disaster. Apart from trying to spend less time on your phone, make sure you clean it regularly.


04. Pets


We feel bad for even putting this on the list, but it's true. Your four-legged baby’s fur contains many bacteria, and during a cuddling session, these bacteria can easily get transferred onto the skin. Make sure you don’t put your face anywhere close to the area where your pet sits. Also, wash your face with a mild cleanser after petting or cuddling your pet.


05. Throw pillows

Throw pillows

You change your pillow cover frequently to prevent the transfer of dirt and bacteria from your hair onto your skin. But what about the pile of throw pillows on your bed or sofa? Lounging or napping on these throw pillows that haven’t been washed in a while can lead to breakouts. Therefore, wash them frequently or minimise contact with your throw pillows.