What if you had access to the best home remedy for acne overnight? Not just one, but multiple? It’s certainly a dream come true for those who have beautiful skin marred by acne that pops up all of a sudden and leaves pesky scars behind. For whatever reason, acne has a tendency to pop out exactly when you have someplace to go or some ceremony to attend. For a problem that sudden, you would want instant solutions too, right? That’s why, we are here with the best home remedy for acne overnight, and a few more, so that you can look flawless, even when acne attacks.

It’s time to act on the acne. But first, understand a bit about it.


Types of acne

Types of acne

A question that needs to be answered before you go ahead with any remedy; immediate or gradual. To understand the type of acne you have, the first thing you need to do is observe it closely. There are four things, and you may notice one of them; blackhead, white head, yellow pus pimple, or nodules cyst. After understanding your acne type, it becomes easier to choose a specific course of the best home remedies for acne overnight.

Here’s a little rundown on each type of acne to help you understand them better:

i) Whitehead:

The most common form of breakout is the whiteheads. These are basically when oil, coupled with dirt, is locked under the skin, thus causing a tiny white bump on the skin. Whiteheads usually form on the nose cheeks and chin.

ii) Blackhead:

These are also caused due to dirt and oil locking beneath the skin, like the white head. However, in this case, it leads to closed pores and thus leads to the blackheads appearing on the skin. Blackheads also appear in the same areas as the whiteheads.

iii) Pimples:

These are another pesky form of acne and can usually be identified from the yellowed pus-filled opening on the skin. There is also inflammation around the pimples.

iv) Nodules:

These are usually reddish bumps on the skin and are also larger in size.

While blackheads and whiteheads can be usually found clustered on the nose, cheeks, and chin, pimples and nodules can happen on any part of the skin.

The question is after you have identified the type of acne you are suffering from, is there a best home remedy for acne overnight, should the pest decide to appear suddenly? To disclose the news, yes, there is. Let’s get started.


Best overnight acne remedies

Best overnight acne remedies

Getting acne a night before an important meeting, occasion or date can be quite a bummer. It makes you wish to get rid of it as soon as possible. While acne will take its healing time to fade completely, a few natural ingredients can accelerate the healing process. Scroll down to learn the best home remedy to get rid of acne overnight.


1. Garlic

Garlic for acne

Everyone has garlic at home. Even if you don’t have it, you can easily procure it from a local vegetable store. Garlic is known to be an instant solution for getting rid of acne. A word of caution if you have sensitive skin: do add yogurt to the paste so that your skin is soothed while it works on the acne. This is one of the easiest and quickest home remedies for treating acne.

How to: Just take a couple of cloves and grind them to create a paste-like consistency. Apply this on the affected areas.


2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera for acne

Do you have an aloe vera plant at home? If not, then consider getting one. It is a boon for those with a tendency of getting acne every now and then. Not just acne, aloe vera is known to treat multiple other skin conditions too. If you want quicker results for moderate acne, apply it twice during the day, on the affected area, and your acne would be gone.

How to: All you have to do is scoop out the clear aloe vera gel from the leaves and apply it on the pimples overnight. Rinse off in the morning.


3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil for acne

Another natural and instant remedy for acne is tea tree oil. It is known to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation caused due to acne. However, do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic. Tea tree oil can be stinging for normal skin and thus, people with sensitive skin need to be sure whether they can use it, before applying it directly.

How to: The best way to use tea tree oil as an instant solution to pimples is by taking a cotton ball with a few drops of oil on it and then applying it on the affected area.


4. Lemon juice, honey, and almond oil

Lemon juice, honey, and almond oil for acne

Here is the most effective remedy if you wish to get rid of your acne quickly. However, again, please be sure of the sensitivity of your skin because these three ingredients are highly reactive as well. Preferably, do a patch test of each in advance before trying it out as an emergency measure for acne. We are talking about lemon juice, honey, and almond oil.

How to: Take one tablespoon of each ingredient and mix it with about two tablespoons of milk. Apply this mixture on the pimples and watch them poof away!


5. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil for acne

Jojoba oil is known as one of the best moisturisers for the skin. It not only gives the skin a soft texture but also, removes the dirt and oil that may be stuck in the pores, thus reducing the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. This oil is also an effective instant solution for acne.

How to: Just put a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area. Do a patch test first if you have sensitive skin, or consult with a dermatologist.


6. Sea salt

Sea salt for acne

Sea salt is known to be a very effective way of getting rid of acne quickly. The best part is that it is easily available too. However, consult with a skin specialist before using it and do not forget to do a patch test to figure out whether or not your skin is compatible.

How to: Just mix sea salt with water to form a paste-like consistency, and apply the mixture on the pimple. You can even use it as a mask and leave it overnight.


7. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar for acne

Apple cider vinegar is created by fermenting apple cider and is known to be effective in fighting quite a few types of bacteria and fungi that are the main cause of acne. Further, it is known to be a rich source of citric acid, which is known to fight and cure acne. It is also rich in succinic acid, which helps reduce the inflammation around acne. A third one, lactic acid, is useful in reducing the marks and scars that often mar the face after the acne is gone.

It can be seen that apple cider vinegar is truly a three-way solution for treating acne. Again, if you have sensitive skin, doing a patch test is highly recommended. Upon any sort of irritation, consult with a dermatologist before going ahead with the remedy.

How to: Start by cleansing your face. Mix three parts water with one part apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture onto the affected areas using a cotton ball. Repeat the process twice a day. While this may not exactly be an overnight remedy for acne, it surely is one of the best and the quickest.


8. Zinc supplements

Zinc supplements for acne

While this may not exactly be a quick and on-spot treatment for acne, it is an absolutely essential one that can certainly prevent acne from occurring and make your skin clean and clear. Zinc is considered an essential nutrient that helps in hormone production, immune function, cell growth, and metabolism. As per a 2014 study, it was proved that consuming zinc is effective in treating severe acne.

How to: Most physicians recommend an upper limit of 40mg of zinc every day. Thus, you can consume this dose on a daily basis. Be sure to not exceed it without consulting your doctor first.


9. Drink lots and lots of water

Drink lots and lots of water for acne

We don’t think we need to stress on the importance of hydrating. Drink as much water as you can on a daily basis to flush out the toxins therein. The more water you drink, the cleaner your inner system would be, and the better and more translucent skin you will get, devoid of acne. While this may not be an instant solution, it is definitely a regular and inexpensive solution of all skin troubles, including acne.


FAQs on Best Home Remedy for Acne Overnight

FAQs on Best Home Remedy for Acne Overnight

Q. Is it okay to pop the pimples?

A. No, no, and a definite no. Popping pimples may give you temporary relief, but it will leave a scar behind that will take longer to fade, even with the remedies available. Further, one of the most basic things that doctors tell people with acne-prone skin is to keep their hands away from the face. Popping pimples will spread the bacteria and make way for more pimples. So, no matter how tempting, do not pop your pimples.

Q. What are some tips and tricks to prevent acne?

A. While these are emergency solutions, there are more regular tips and tricks that can prevent acne from forming in the first place. Here are some natural home remedies and here are some expert tips. Take your pick.

Q. What should I do about acne scars?

A. Acne scars are truly troublesome and even more difficult to treat than acne. But, we have a solution for everything, including this. Here are some extremely easy solutions for you to try. Vitamin E oil is also an effective solution.