Say Goodbye To Cracked Heels With These Easy Home Remedies

Written by Disha SampatSep 16, 2023
Say goodbye to cracked heels with these easy home remedies
Have you been longing to wear those sandals for sometime now? You just can’t resist those heels you bought but crack heels are stopping you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one suffering from cracked heels. Here’s the good news: treating dry heels doesn’t require too much time and effort. We have some simple home remedies for you that will cure those cracks and give you soft and supple feet in no time at all. Read on...

Pumice stone

Moisturise it

Ladies, your feet need as much care as any other part of your body. That’s what pumice stones are for. A pumice stone has an abrasive texture, making it perfect for scrubbing away the dead skin cells. So, the next time you exfoliate your skin, take a minute to do the same to your feet. Trust us, it only takes a minute and your feet will thank you for the love.


Spare a banana for your feet

Moisturise it

Yea, you heard that right! Bananas contain potassium, making them an excellent moisturiser. Mash up a banana and rub it onto your feet. Let it dry for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Messy as it may be, this trick is great for you feet!


Bring out the lemons

Moisturise it

We know you were expecting lemons to be on this list, since lemons contain antibacterial properties, making them an effective remedy for many skin concerns. Apply some lemon juice onto your heels. Let it soak into your skin for a bit before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.


It’s time for a nice warm soak

Moisturise it

What better way to relax your feet that soak them in some warm water, right ladies? Just add in some baking soda to the water. The anti-inflammatory properties in baking soda will help sooth your cracks. Soak your feet in this water for 10 minutes and then cleanse them with clean water.


Moisturise it

Moisturise it

Moisturising your feet is the fastest way to heal cracked heels, since dry skin is the primary cause for this concern. Rub on some Vaseline petroleum jelly or coconut oil on your heel before bed and cover it with socks to retain the moisture in your feet. And voila, wake up to soft and supple feet!

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