Breaking Out Too Often? Try These Acne-Fighting Diet Tips For Clear Skin

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Breaking out too often? Try these acne-fighting diet tips for clear skin

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns and you probably wish it didn’t follow you all the way into adulthood. But acne has a mind of its own and there are several reasons why you might still have breakouts long after those teenage years.

Bad skincare habits, stress and poor diet can all lead to acne. However, some smart diet decisions can help keep your skin clear and pimple-free. After all, most skincare products and acne treatments won’t show results unless you correct your diet. Here are a few diet tips for acne-prone skin to start with.

avoid acne flate up with food

Eat foods rich in zinc

Many studies have concluded that eating foods rich in zinc may help prevent and treat acne. It is an important mineral in skin development as well as regulating hormone levels and metabolism. Fish is a rich source of zinc especially oysters and crabs. You can also get your dose of zinc from cashews, turkey, quinoa and lentils.

avoid acne flate up with food

Limit or replace dairy with an alternative

Anabolic hormones and insulin simulation in dairy products can make acne worse. Therefore, skin experts and researchers say you should avoid milk and cheese if you have an acne problem. Limit your milk intake or replace it completely with almond or rice milk.

avoid acne flate up with food

Consume foods that contain selenium

Selenium is one of those lesser known antioxidants, but is absolutely essential to preserve the skin’s elasticity and reduce inflammatory damage. The enzymes present in selenium play a vital role in the body’s detoxification system and protect against oxidative stress. Selenium can be found in common food items such as garlic, eggs, brown rice, tuna and salmon, so make sure to add these to your diet especially if you have acne-prone skin.

avoid acne flate up with food

Add foods rich in beta-carotene to your diet

Beta carotene is a red/orange pigment found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Our body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A (retinol), which is essential for healthy skin, good eye health and vision. Foods rich in vitamin A include onions, carrots, peas, spinach and squash, so load up on these for clear, glowing skin.

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