The Best Way To Deal With A Horrible Acne Attack

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
The best way to deal with a horrible acne attack

Almost every other woman has had to deal with acne at some point of time in her life. And that’s not even the real problem. The real issue is when the acne starts to worsen.

Not all of us are aware as to how to handle and cure an acne breakout.

Fret not though, for we’re here to help. Here’s a list of some tips on how you can effectively deal with an exasperating acne attack!


#1 Do Not Touch Your Acne

#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Constantly touching your acne will not only worsen it, but will also lead to more infections. The bacteria get transferred onto your fingers and spread to other areas as a result. While we understand how irritating acne can get, but the best way to deal with acne is to let it be on its own. And don’t even think of popping them!


#2 Use A Cold Compress

#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

If you’re suffering from a severe acne attack, you can always soothe your acne by placing some ice or cold compress on the affected areas. This will help soothe the acne as well as reduce the redness and the inflammation. Washing your face with chilled water can help provide some relief too.


#3 Watch Your Diet

#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Oily food is a strict no-no if you’re suffering from an acne attack. Fried food can be pretty harmful for your skin, especially since it promotes the outbreak and growth of acne. We’d recommend that you switch to healthier snacks and fruits in the event that you’re facing an acne breakout.


#4 Say No To Makeup

#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

While you might wish to hide all the acne using makeup, wearing heavy makeup while you’re suffering from breakouts isn’t really a very good idea. Dare to go bare in case you’re facing an acne breakout, so as to let your skin breathe and heal itself better. If you have an important day planned ahead and absolutely need to hide the acne, applying some amount of concealer is alright but don’t get too carried away.


#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

#5 Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent solution for getting rid of acne. We’d recommend that you go in for a spot treatment by applying tea tree oil onto the affected areas and letting it stay on for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. The tea tree oil helps reduce all the itching, burning, and peeling, as well as the redness on your face.

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