Here's Why You Have Hyperpigmentation Under Your Chin — And How To Deal With It

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Here's why you have hyperpigmentation under your chin — and how to deal with it

Hyperpigmentation or skin darkening can be caused due to several reasons, some of which include hormonal imbalance and post-acne scarring. The key to dealing with the darkening of the skin is to identify the cause. Different parts of your face may present various reasons for darkening and dullness, with the area under your chin being an especially tricky case. And even though the skin under your chin is usually concealed through the course of a day, it can show from certain angles.

Some of the main reasons behind pigmentation under your chin are lack of exfoliation, sun exposure (Yes! Skin under your chin gets exposed as well), constant touching and dryness. Frankly speaking, the skin under your chin is pigmented because you have not been paying attention to it. It is not a common habit to take your skincare products like scrubs and moisturisers down to the area under your chin, which is why the skin in that area can get dark over time.

But fortunately, we have some great tips that can help even out the skin under your chin. Check them out…


01. Exfoliate!


Start by regularly exfoliating the area under your chin area twice a week while you are doing your regular skincare routine. A gentle scrub will help slough off dead skin cells and encourage skin turnover to keep your complexion looking even-toned and clear. Use the ball of your thumb to massage under your chin gently for about 60 seconds, and make sure to take it under your entire jawline as well.

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02. Hydrate!


Skin that is constantly dry lacks hydration can get dark over time. Bring your moisturiser down to the area under your chin, your neck and over the top of your chest. Look for products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E and ceramides in them. They help build and maintain your skin’s natural lipid barrier and keep it protected from external aggressors.

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03. Treat!


An effective way to eliminate hyperpigmentation on any part of your face is to treat it with a brightening agent. Include potent serums and night creams in your routine with ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, niacinamide, and arbutin in them. Regular use can fade hyperpigmentation in the short term and avoid it from recurring again.

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Pro tip - If a proper skincare routine cannot get rid of the pigmentation under your chin, you can opt for chemical peels like fruit acid peels or carbon laser peels that specifically focus on the issue. They are completely safe procedures when done by a professional and offer great results!

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