By now your pimple-fighting regime must’ve become a well-oiled machine… with scrubs, spot treatments and all kinds of drying acids in your arsenal to deal with them. However, not all kinds of breakouts are the same; case in point - the painful and sneaky blind pimple. This kind of cystic acne exists deep under your skin’s surface and never comes to a head, which makes dealing with them extremely tricky. Which is why it is necessary to adopt steps that specifically deal with blind pimples. Step 1 being educating yourself about them. Here are some facts you need to know…


01. What causes blind pimples?

01. What causes blind pimples?

A surge in acne-causing hormones, cortisol in particular, is the major trigger for blind pimples. Which is why you will often find this hormonal inflammation pop up around your menstrual cycle. The skin’s sebaceous glands are hypersensitive during this time and thus produce more sebum, get swollen and hardened under the skin. Another factor that leads to cortisol production is stress, so before we get into solutions, make sure you are always considering stress solutions as part of your treatment as well.


02. What happens when you try to pop a blind pimple?

02.  What happens when you try to pop a blind pimple?

Let’s get this straight… you should never pop a pimple on your own - that is a job best left to an experienced aesthetician. But the temptation to try and pop a blind pimple is hard to resist, as you might feel that squeezing it will make it ‘grow a head’. But know this; blind pimples never grow a whitehead and are unpoppable by yourself. If you do try to do it, it can lead to a visible reaction on your skin.


03. How long do blind pimples last?

03.  How long do blind pimples last?

Strap in for bad news, ladies, this one is going to hurt! Since the infection is rooted deep inside your pore, it can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. Majority of these blind pimples will go away on their own but some pretty nasty ones, if left untreated for too long, can cause an atrophic (crater/ice pick) scar.


04. How to deal with blind pimples?

04. How to deal with blind pimples?

Given that popping them or using spot treatments is virtually useless for blind pimples, let’s take a look at some ways you can deal with them:

  • Get yourself to a dermatologist who can zap the blind pimple with a cortisone injection, which is the fastest way to get rid of it.
  • If you tend to get blind pimples very often, make sure to consult your dermatologist about prescription medications. These internal treatments help regulate excessive oil production and manage bacterial interaction with your skin.
  • Long-term solutions that may prevent blind pimples from occuring in the first place include anti-inflammatory ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and exfoliating ingredients like retinoids in your skincare routine.
  • A good way to deal with the inflammation is to ice it gently with ice wrapped in a paper towel. You can also cover the swollen areas with pimple patches to avoid touching them.