Everyone can turn their backs on you but not a pimple. It will always accompany you, especially when you specifically wish it doesn’t. Have an important event coming up? Leaving for a vacation? You name it and there crops a pimple out of nowhere. So how do you tackle this uninvited guest when all you’ve got is one night? We show you how to get rid of a pimple overnight without popping it!


Crushed Aspirin

Crushed Aspirin - Ways to get rid of a pimple overnight

Turns out aspirin can soothe acne as easily as it calms your headache. Due to the salicylic acid content, aspirin reduces inflamed pimple and dries it out making it an effective and quick acne treatment. Crush an aspirin and add a few drops of water to form a paste and apply on the pimple, leave it overnight.


Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil - Ways to get rid of a pimple overnight

Tea tree oil is an excellent natural cure for all skin issues, including insect bites, pimples and zits. It has anti-bacterial properties which eliminate pimple causing bacteria, soothing your acne and leading you to clear and flawless skin. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with aloe vera gel or any carrier oil to dilute it and then apply using a cotton ball.


Spot treatment

Spot treatment - Ways to get rid of a pimple overnight

Spot treatments are readily available in the market and target a specific area or pimple. These spot treatments work with active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulphur to kill the bacteria, unclog pores and dissolve dead skin cells to give you pimple free skin by morning.


Cold compress

Cold compress - Ways to get rid of a pimple overnight

Another way to calm your pimple down and reduce the redness is by applying cold compress to it. Wrap an ice cube in a napkin or paper towel and gently apply it to your pimple at least three times an hour for ten minutes to decrease the swelling and redness.


Consider concealing

Consider concealing - Ways to get rid of a pimple overnight

If it’s too late to consider any of the above methods don’t forget you can always correct and conceal the area and fake a flawless look.